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calendar-icon 02 March 2020

Every body shop owner knows that it is better to stock up the right amount of masking tape. You can’t afford to run out of masking products right in the middle of the working day! So, where can you buy a stock of performing tapes on a budget?

There are many wholesalers who provide classical paper masking tape, but you deserve a higher quality in your job. That’s why Q1®, as a masking tape manufacturer, developed top-quality products for professionals in the automotive refinishing market.


Why are more and more professionals choosing Q1 as their wholesaler?

The wholesale of our iconic yellow masking tapes is a bright touch of colour for your body shop, but colouring isn’t everything. Here’s what you can get by choosing Q1® masking products:

  • Perfect performances: no residue left on the surface and no bleed-through;
  • A time saver: Q1®’s thoughtful design makes masking process reliable, faster and easier;
  • A money saver: interesting cost savings compared to other premium tapes. Less wasted tape while masking because tears are easier;
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: Q1® products have been engineered to match all specific body shop masking needs.


Our range of masking tapes

Strong holding power, with easy removal. Our automotive masking tapes are the perfect solution to protect vehicles from car paint while refinishing. Mostly, they withstand high temperatures (up to 110°C/230°F) during drying cycles.


Q1®️ Premium masking tape

automotive masking tape wholesale - premiumThe automotive masking tape you were looking for. This specific product is a high-temperature masking tape, perfect to cover small areas and hold masking film or paper. It is designed to combine consistent unwinding, easy tear and conformability, performing extremely well when used tape on tape.



Q1®️ Premium foam masking tape

automotive masking tape wholesale - foam tapePerfect to fill the gaps and protect door edges, this soft edge foam masking tape creates an edge faster than other classic jamb masking techniques. Thanks to its construction, also dust and other contaminants are sealed in, preventing them from damaging paint job.



Q1®️ Premium trim masking tape

automotive masking tape wholesale - trimThis trim masking tape is pre-cut every 38mm, allowing tearing it in short stripes that easily fit into the gaps of trim mouldings. Unlike classical adhesive tape, this product facilitates trim masking situations, including: inset door handles, windscreens, side mouldings, taillights, sidelights and headlights.




Q1® auto body masking tapes, paper and films are sold through various distribution channels, including a range of wholesalers, retailers and distributors in various countries around the world.


Are you interested in Q1® Premium Masking Solutions? Contact us to find the closest reseller.

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