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High temperature masking tapes

calendar-icon 13 October 2021

Q1® high temperature masking tapes are the perfect solution for any masking application in the automotive field which requires a high temperature resistance. Choose the one which suits you best, you’ll achieve flawless results even in the hottest situations.


Our high temperature tapes

Q1® Premium Masking Tape

high temperature masking tape - premium

Supported temperature: up to 110°C / 230°F
Q1® Premium Masking Tape is an automotive masking tape designed to combine consistent unwinding, easy tear and conformability, performing extremely well when used tape on tape and with masking paper and protective film. This high temp masking tape can be used for masking the surfaces near the area to paint, where other masking products cannot be applied.



Q1® Premium Trim Masking Tape

high temperature masking tape - trim

Supported temperature: up to 110°C / 230°F
Q1® Premium Trim Masking is a trim masking tape designed to facilitate trim masking situations including: inset door handles, windscreen, side mouldings, taillight, sidelight and headlight units allowing complete paint coverage under the moulding while protecting the front of the moulding from paint overspray. Pre-cut every 38mm, this high temperature masking tape is very flexible to follow contours and tight curves and comes in a self-dispensing box.



Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape

high temperature masking tape - foam

Supported temperature: up to 80°C / 176°F
Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape is a refinishing foam masking tape designed to protect door edges and gaps from overspray, leaving no leaks for the paint to filter through. Specially designed polyurethane foam structure, this high temp masking tape is highly absorbent, to avoid any leaking and paint runs.



Q1® High Performance Masking Tape

high temperature masking tape - high performance

Supported temperature: up to 110°C / 230°F
Q1® High Performance Masking Tape has been specifically designed for most critical jobs in the automotive aftermarket. It’s also UV resistant for up to three days, making it ideal for projects where UV resistance is required. The high-quality rubber-based adhesive formula provides a class-leading secure bond on multiple surfaces preventing lifting or overspray.



Q1® Performance Foam Tape

high temperature masking tape - premium foam

Supported temperature: up to 100°C / 212°F
An easy-to-position, flexible sponge foam with premium-grade adhesiveQ1® Performance Foam Tape is the ideal masking solution for reducing masking time around doors, tailgates and other vehicle access points. Designed to mask all apertures and prevent the ingress of paint during spraying, Because the adhesive is offset it will never come into contact with the paint or clear coat during the application, giving a feathered finish, with no build-up of hard edges.



High temperature masking tapes: great results in the drying process

In professional automotive painting, drying the vehicles at high temperature is an essential step of the procedure. Using a masking tape with a great ability to withstand high temperature is therefore fundamental to achieve an optimal result. The adhesive used in regular masking tape is not designed to resist high temperature exposure: as a result, the tape gets off the surface before the paint has dried, causing the paint itself to bleed on the surface to protect.

high temperature masking tape, on the other hand, is engineered with a special adhesive that keeps its hold when exposed at high temperature. The masking tape doesn’t get off before the paint dries, leaving clean surfaces and clean edges at the end of the job.


High temp masking tape: why choosing Q1?

Conformability, excellent hold and easy tear: these are the best heat-resistant tapes you can use where strong holding and high performances are required. In fact, Q1 masking tapes:

  • Are specifically designed to be applied on irregular surfaces and perform perfectly;
  • Don’t leave any adhesive residue, because they are designed to be removed cleanly and easily;
  • Ensure an excellent holding;
  • Are compatible with the most popular paints and technologies;
  • Are ideal for critical paint masking applications in speciality vehicle, automotive and industrial markets.

All these elements sum up to guarantee a swift and quick job, clean results and, ultimately, time savings and work optimisation.


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