Trim Masking Tape Top (1) Trim Masking Tape Top (1)

Q1® Premium Trim Masking Tape

To easily shape around contours.

Trim Masking Tape

Q1® Premium Trim Masking is a trim masking tape designed to facilitate trim masking situations including: inset door handles, windscreen, side mouldings, taillight, sidelight and headlight units allowing complete paint coverage under the moulding while protecting the front of the moulding from paint overspray.

Trim masking tape’s composition

Trim masking tape is composed by a plastic strip on a self-adhesive tape and a flexible polyester band of 190 my and a width of 10mm, thermal class B (130°C/266°F). Thanks to its characteristics, the tape supports high temperatures (up to 110°C/230°F) without leaving any residue.

Trim masking tape’s performance on curved and straight applications

Trim masking tape is pre-cut every 38mm, allowing tearing it in short stripes that easily fit into the gaps of trim mouldings. Its flexibility guarantees perfect adhesion to irregular surfaces and lets it follow the tight curves of windscreens and lights. In addition, its adhesive formula resists moisture and solvents, making trim masking tape compatible with the most used types of paint used in professional car painting.

Trim Tape BOTTOM (1) Trim Tape BOTTOM (1)
Features & benefits
  • Pre-perforated for easy tear off
  • Easy lifting tab & tape
  • Very flexible to follow contours and tight curves
  • Temperature Resistance up to 110° C (30 min) and 90° C (60 min)
  • Self-dispensing box
Product reference
Part# Size Pcs/Case
TT01 10mm 72 rolls/ box

How to use

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