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calendar-icon 11 November 2019

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of masking tape manufacturers for various industries in over two decades, we have created a concept dedicated to body shops and painters, offering outstanding products engineered for all the masking preparation applications.

Our masking solutions are designed for professional car painting or any kind of indoor/outdoor painting: we offer premium masking solutions for the automotive aftermarket and painting and decoration market.

Let the Q1® Premium Masking Solutions Team be your trusted partner for all your masking needs.



Excellence in technology and performance

We are not only tapes supplier and manufacturers, we always pursue the best performance innovations, we provide high quality tapes and we want to keep getting better results.

Q1®’s team of professionals pays constant attention to the needs of the market: this feature has always allowed the Q1® brand to be a reliable reference for the world of masking solutions.


  • We work every day thinking that constant and innovative research on different fronts is the focal point of a company’s vitality;
  • We are attentive to the technology of each material we use and to the design of new solutions;
  • The customer and his needs are the absolute protagonists of all our efforts.

Behind Q1® Premium Masking Solutions there is a strong Industrial Group, a Team of passionate and experienced professionals that operate in this sector for more than 25 years. Q1® is part of PPM Industries, a global manufacturer and supplier of adhesive tapes to the worldwide market.

We are ready to share our expertise and skills to all professionals in the Automotive Aftermarket and Painting Industry.

masking tape manufacturers


Professional applications: what we manufacture

We manufacture both masking tapes for the car refinishing sector and painter masking tapes for the painting sector.

Our catalogue includes a wide range of adhesive masking tapes:


  • automotive masking tapes
  • foam masking tape
  • trim masking tape
  • and more

See all the automotive masking tapes



See all the painter’s tapes


After years of research and development we manufactured even more advanced solutions, both in the automotive and painting field:

  • Q1® premium masking tapes are manufactured with different materials that are easy to remove without leaving residue. The adhesives can be both solvent-free or solvent-borne according to the product. The paper backing is easy to tear, light and economic;
  • We developed masking tapes that, thanks to their characteristics, can support high temperatures without leaving any residue;
  • We improved our self-adhesive tapes, making them stick with just a soft pressure of the fingers, to save time and improve productivity;
  • We improved the versatility of our painter’s tape to make them suitable for different kind of works, surfaces (regular, irregular, multiple) and materials (wood, metal, walls, trims);
  • We made painter’s tapes UV and water resistant.


Why become a Q1® distributor?

The benefits of being our reseller are several:

  • You can rely on perfect performances and high quality in each product you choose;
  • You can sell to your customers reliable, fast and easy to use masking solutions;
  • You have interesting cost savings compared to other premium tapes;
  • Q1® products have been engineered to match all specific painter's and automotive masking needs.


You have a vision, we have a way to get you there.


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