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Painting News
12 September 2023
Q1® All Purpose Duct Tape: The Ultimate Multi-functional Tool for Repairs and Protection

In the realm of painting and decorating, the right tools are paramount. Enter Q1® All Purpose Duct Tape, an essential and versatile solution for repairs and surface protection.

Painting News
22 August 2023
The Key Differences Between Painter's Tape and Masking Tape

Painter's Tape or Masking Tape for Professionals? That's the question! Explore how the right tape choice can elevate your paint projects with precision and flawless results. Let's discover their unique properties and make informed decisions for excep...

Painting News
07 August 2023
Q1® Scrim Tape: The professional's choice for strong and reliable drywall joints

In this article, we will unveil Q1® Scrim Tape, a must-have tool for professionals seeking flawless drywall joints. With its strong fibreglass mesh and superior adhesion, elevate your craftsmanship and experience exceptional results. Let's explore th...

Painting News
10 July 2023
Q1® Carpet Protection Film: The Ultimate Solution for Professional Painters

With its adhesive properties and water resistance, Q1® Carpet Protection Film provides superior protection and ease of use for professional painters. Discover how this durable and versatile film has become the ultimate solution for carpet protection.

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