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Take the most out of your cars. Q1® automotive masking products are designed to perform perfectly and to be easy to use.

Masking Tape

Taping brought to a whole new level.

Masking Paper

Protection and cleanliness in one roll.

Masking Film

Keep your cars safe and unstained.

Sanding Sponges

Where ordinary sanding tools can’t arrive.


Accessories you can’t work without.


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Automotive News
15 December 2021
The professional auto masking tapes that win at spray painting

Choosing professional masking products is half the battle, when spray painting a vehicle of any kind. Using a masking tape that was designed to suit your needs is a real extra hand to obtain faultless results with less effort. Discover Q1® profession...

Automotive News
16 November 2021
Car paint protection film: different products for different repairs

If you are new to this job, you may not know that not all masking films are the same, because each one has a specific purpose. Let’s see how we suggest using two different kinds of protection film.

Automotive News
29 October 2021
The best automotive paint suit is now here

Our accessories range has one new member! We introduce you Q1® Spray Overall, an automotive paint suit that will help you save your clothes and skin from paint and dangerous chemicals.

Automotive News
18 October 2021
Car masking tape: which one is the best?

In a world of thousands and thousands of different products, finding the perfect masking tape to protect car bodies may be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Which kind of tape should you use? Here’s our suggestions.

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