Automotive refinishing products

Take the most out of your cars. Q1® automotive masking products are designed to perform perfectly and to be easy to use.

Masking Tape

Taping brought to a whole new level.

Masking Paper

Protection and cleanliness in one roll.

Masking Film

Keep your cars safe and unstained.

Sanding Sponges

Where ordinary sanding tools can’t arrive.


Accessories you can’t work without.


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Automotive News
18 May 2022
Q1®: Automotive paint shop supplies that rock the market

To take the most out of your cars you’ll need products designed to perform perfectly and to be easy to use. We introduce you the whole automotive range by Q1® and the main advantages.

Automotive News
14 April 2022
Automotive masking tape vs regular masking tape: what is the difference?

Automotive masking tape or regular masking tape? When you approach automotive painting on a professional level, automotive masking tape is the only solution that guarantees the quality level required by customers, as far as precision, cleanness, spee...

Automotive How to
10 March 2022
How to mask off car windows for painting

The masking process involves some tips and tricks that only the best professionals know, especially with some parts of the vehicles like car windows. Read some advice from our automotive team.

Automotive How to
18 February 2022
How to fix peeling paint on car bumper

Jamie Lunn from Car Cosmetics shows us a step-by-step guide to fixing peeling paint on a car bumper and putting the shine back into faded bodywork.

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