Sure, masking isn’t everything.
But with good masking everything is possible. 

Who we are

We are tape makers, tape thinkers, tape inventors, tape visionaries, tape researchers, tape lovers…we are all about tapes.

With a genuine passion for problem solving, we thrive on the opportunities presented by the sectors we serve; the automotive aftermarket and the painting and decorating sector.

When it comes to engineering and producing premium quality masking tapes, we are the experts. But when it comes to testing and continually improving our tapes in accordance with industry trends and changes, the true professionals are our customers. That’s why we listen to them daily, incorporating their ideas and requests into our research and development program.

In 2016 Q1® was launched in the UK. Since then it has gained traction in automotive body shops across the country. The following year it landed in the US market, quickly becoming one of the most recognized brands among professional refinishers. In 2018 Q1® developed a dedicated range of products for the painting & decorating sector across UK market.

On the back of this multi-national success, Q1® continues to expand its international distributor network.

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As human beings, we are motivated by passion. We thrive on challenges and new opportunities. It is these same fundamental motivators which drive our design engineers to continually perfect our portfolio of masking solutions. Understanding the industry challenge, finding the opportunity and creating new, exciting range additions with passion, skill and know-how.

Led by these values, Q1® listens to its customers in order to create products which are designed specifically for the industry they are serving. Our automotive aftermarket solutions and our newer range of products for the painting industry solve trade-specific problems, through clever material choices and customer-centric design.


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Q1® prides itself on:


a streamlined range of quick-to-choose products, designed to accommodate the needs of both the distributor and the end user.


A recognizable brand which stands apart from our competition. Together with an innovative marketing approach and a carefully considered program of customer engagement, we support our distributors and speak with our customers on a daily basis across a variety of platforms.


We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with professionals by offering them high-performance and value for money products which make their jobs easier. In turn, this improves their bottom line.

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Who’s behind Q1®

Behind Q1® there is a multinational family owned industrial group called PPM Industries.

With over 25 years of experience serving more than 50 countries worldwide, we are proud to be one of the European leading masking tape manufacturers. In addition to our Q1® Brand, we engineer, produce and distribute masking solutions for some of the most prestigious brands and distributors worldwide.

As a vertically integrated manufacturer with state-of-the-art production and converting facilities in Europe and Asia, we reliably produce bespoke solutions to streamline our customers’ business and complement their product portfolio.

PPM Industries continuously invests in the research and development of quality, innovative products. Our business acumen, acquired from working across geographical borders within many cultures and environments, has helped us develop a broad knowledge of how masking tape is used, and most importantly, how it needs to perform.

Q1® products for the automotive aftermarket

Q1® specialises in the innovation of masking tape solutions for the automotive aftermarket, including collision repair sector. This premium quality range offers a complete selection of masking products including masking tapes, plastic sheeting, masking paper and other specialty tapes which make even the most difficult refinishing jobs quicker and easier, delivering a better quality finish every time.

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Q1® products for the painting and decorating sector

Q1® prides itself on creating a range of masking tape solutions specifically for professionals within the painting and decorating market. A dedicated range for both traditional and airless spray painting, this portfolio of products includes masking tapes, masking paper, pre-taped sheeting and other masking speciality products and tools.

How to create value with Q1®

Why is Marketing important?

Q1® understands the value of investing in a quality marketing presence, which is tailored to each individual geographical market and sector. Our marketing activities deliver strategic product and brand messages using a mix of active marketing channels including social media, editorial, video content, advertisements, newsletters, press releases and direct communication to our partners and their customers.

Our marketing is two-fold. We work closely with our distributors to build an engaging communications plan which helps them to promote and sell our products, whilst maintaining an open and approachable channel of communication with our customers.

How we Create value for Q1®?

Through the use of all the latest best-practice marketing techniques, we create valuable content which explores the features and benefits of our products and how they solve the customer pain across both of our core sectors; the automotive aftermarket and the painting and decorating sector.

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