Wholesale yellow automotive masking tapes: choose Q1®!

calendar-icon 03 November 2022

Q1® does it best! Discover our product range, their unique features and our philosophy. 

Q1® is specialised in the innovation of masking tape solutions for the automotive aftermarket, including the collision repair sector. This premium quality range offers a complete selection of masking products, including our iconic yellow automotive masking tapes. Learn more about the tapes we sell wholesale.


Our range of yellow automotive masking tapes

Q1® Premium Masking Tape

wholesale q1 premium automotive masking tape

Q1® Premium Masking Tape can be applied to any vehicle surface.

This tape is easy to use, tears easily, and conforms well to all surfaces. A car masking tape like this is ideal for masking surfaces near areas to be painted, even when high temperatures occur (it resists up to 110°C/230°F). 

The best part? It delivers sharp paint edges and provides easy and clean removal.

It works well when used tape on tape or together with masking paper and film: the tape is in fact widely used also to fasten masking paper or masking film to the car body. You can also find it in our pre-taped automotive masking film.

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Q1® Premium Trim Masking Tape

wholesale automotive trim masking tape

In order to satisfy body shops’ needs, Q1® designed a high-quality trim masking tape: pre-cut every 38mm, it allows tearing it in short stripes that easily fit into the gaps of trim mouldings, such as inset door handles, windscreen, side mouldings, taillight, sidelight and headlight units.

This tape is flexible and will adhere well to irregular surfaces, also following tight curves. In addition, it is resistant to moisture and solvents, making it compatible with most types of paint used in professional car painting. 

This tape too can withstand high temperatures without leaving any residue.

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Why choose Q1® as your wholesaler

Why choose Q1® as your wholesaler - automotive masking tapes

There are many reasons why you should choose us as your wholesaler.

First: the quality of our products.
Behind Q1® there is a multinational family-owned industrial group called PPM Industries.
With over 25 years of experience serving more than 50 countries worldwide, we are proud to be one of the European leading masking tape manufacturers. In addition to our Q1® Brand, we engineer, produce and distribute high-quality masking solutions for some of the most prestigious brands and distributors worldwide.

Second: we listen to our customers to make their job easier and flawless.

Our automotive aftermarket solutions and our latest product line for the painting industry solve trade-specific problems through innovative material choices and customer-centric layouts. 

Third: we love challenges and new opportunities, that’s why we're constantly improving our portfolio of masking solutions.


There are many other reasons why we are the best choice on the market, and we would love to show you all of them. Are you willing to enhance your automotive business?

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