Premium Masking Tape Top (2) Premium Masking Tape Top (2)

Q1® Premium Masking Tape

Instant adhesion, sharp edges and a bright yellow shade.

Q1® Premium Masking Tape is an automotive masking tape designed to combine consistent unwinding, easy tear and conformability, performing extremely well when used tape on tape and with masking paper and protective film. Car masking tape can be used for masking the surfaces near the area to paint, where other masking products cannot be applied. The tape is widely used also to fasten masking paper or masking film to the car body.

Q1® car masking tape: premium elements

Q1®automotive masking tape is made with premium crepe paper with natural rubber base adhesive, specific for automotive car refinishing applications during drying cycles at high temperatures up to 110°C/230°F. It guarantees high adhesion and doesn’t leave adhesive traces when removed.

Automotive masking tape for every surface

This automotive refinish masking tape can be applied with ease to all vehicle surfaces. For difficult application, the car masking tape can be torn by hand in short stripes that fit the most irregular surfaces.

Premium Tapebottom Premium Tapebottom
Features & benefits
  • Conforms well to curved and irregular surfaces without lifting or tearing
  • UV resistance up to 3 days
  • Thin backing designed to leave low profile paint edges and to better work around corners delivering sharp and clean paint edges
  • Specially formulated adhesive for clean and easy one piece removal
  • Performs at high temperatures up to 110° C (30 min)
  • Solvent & Waterborne paints compatible
Product reference
Part# Size Pcs/Case
MT148 48 mm x 50 m 20 rolls/ box
MT136 36 mm x 50 m 24 rolls/ box
MT130 30 mm x 50 m 32 rolls/ box
MT124 24 mm x 50 m 36 rolls/ box
MT118 18 mm x 50 m 48 rolls/ box

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