Masking tapes you can rely on, always.

Heat, water, UV rays: nothing can spoil your paintwork, if you choose high quality automotive tapes.

Q1® Premium Masking Tape

Instant adhesion, sharp edges and a bright yellow shade.

Q1® High Performance Masking Tape

Designed for demanding projects.

Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape

Softness that takes you to higher professional levels.

Q1® Performance Foam Tape

Easy and quick application to mask any tough gap.

Q1® Premium Trim Masking Tape

To easily shape around contours.


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Automotive News
22 September 2022
What is automotive plastic sheeting and what is it used for

When painting vehicles, protecting certain areas from paint to avoid cleanup work is the very first thing any professional does. To protect large areas, we highly recommend automotive plastic sheeting, instead of classical paper or plastic film.

Automotive News
05 August 2022
Tape and drape for cars: what is it and when should it be used?

As well as in the painting world, the automotive field has its own tape and drape, one of the refinishers’ most favourite masking tools. We introduce you to Q1® Premium Drop Film, a pre-taped masking film designed to withstand high temperatures and p...

Automotive News
29 June 2022
How to run a successful automotive repair shop

In this article we are going to explain how an automotive repair shop can improve its productivity by using high performance masking solutions and a few tips.

Automotive News
18 May 2022
Q1®: Automotive paint shop supplies that rock the market

To take the most out of your cars you’ll need products designed to perform perfectly and to be easy to use. We introduce you the whole automotive range by Q1® and the main advantages.

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