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Painters tape: our tips to choose the right one

The search for the perfect painters tape is finally over. Tell us which result you aim for, we’ll tell you which tape to use. In this article you will finally find the perfect painters tape to obtain the professional results you are aiming for. Click the item you are interested in, or just keep scrolling to continue reading:

Razor sharp lines: ultra-thin painters tape

If you want to get clean paint lines and perfect edges in any painting project, an ultra-thin painters tape is what you need. This kind of tape sticks perfectly on smooth surfaces, assures a perfect adhesion and can be easily removed without leaving residues.

Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape is a professional high-performance product, is UV and water-resistant (so you can also use it to mask surfaces exposed to UV rays.) and is engineered for HPLV and airless paint spray. It’s the best product for precise high quality spray painting jobs.

Easy removal (indoor): multiple surface painters tape

In this case, you are looking for a painters tape with a natural rubber based adhesive. Something that prevents paint bleed and assures a clean and easy removal within 7 days, without leaving any residue on the application surface or peeling of the substrate.
Q1® Multiple Purpose Indoor Masking Tape - single roll

Q1® Multi Purpose Indoor Masking Tape is a multi surface painters tape that sticks well to several and irregular surfaces, such as baseboards, trims, walls, wood, metal. This product is engineered for almost all indoor paint or renovation works and can assure an easy removal on any surface you are going to mask.

Preservation of delicate surfaces (indoor): low tack painters tape

Working on veeeery delicate surfaces such as freshly painted surfaces? Then you must use a low tack painters tape specifically designed for the preservation of delicate surfaces.


Q1® Delicate surface masking tape is the right choice. This painters tape is the best when you need a lower adhesion level to help prevent surface damage and to get sharp lines, preventing paint bleed. It also sticks well to multiple and irregular surfaces such as baseboards, trims, walls, wood or metal, with 7 days indoor clean removal guaranteed.

Adaptability to different surfaces (indoor): high quality painters tape

If you love versatile tapes that will fit in any situation, look for high quality painters tapes, you won’t go wrong. Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape or Q1® Multi Purpose Indoor Masking Tape will both work. They are strong enough to stay in place and hold masking paper or masking film, but also gentle with surfaces.

Why should you use painters tape?

You usually use paper tape, or worse, duct tape for your painting job? Stop! Now!
Let us tell you why you should use painters tape instead.

Painters tape is specifically designed to prevent paint from bleeding into masked off areas and to be removed without any unwanted residue. Masking tape, instead, is an older and thicker kind of tape, and the adhesive used is formulated to maintain an adequate hold.

The most significant difference between masking and painter’s tapes is that painter’s tapes have a clean removal after the job is done, while masking tapes tend to leave residue behind if left up for the duration of a paint project.

You can learn more from our article FAQ: Should I use masking tape or painters’ tape?.

Did you find what you needed? Have a look at our complete range of painters tapes and don’t miss our Multi packs and Boxes to get the perfect tapes at a special price.

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