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Painting your walls (or any surface) better and faster is much easier than you think. Having the right instruments will help you achieving the best results:


Our painting masking film range

Q1® Premium Masking Solutions offers the best masking films for the painting field.


Q1® Pre-taped masking film roll for painting

Ideal for quickly and easily masking both large and small surfaces whilst creating precise razor-sharp lines, this film is available in a variety of sizes: 550mm x 33m which is perfect for window sills and skirting boards, a 1400m x 33m option for windows and kitchen cupboards and larger 2100mm x 20m or 2700mm x 16m for doors, walls and cabinetry.

painting masking film - pretaped




Q1® Pre Taped masking film - Multi pack

For bigger projects, choose a multi pack solution, just to be sure to not stay without your masking film right when you need it the most.

We suggest you to buy our Multi pack masking film if you are a professional painter.

painting masking film - pretaped multipack




Q1® Masking Film Dispenser and cutter

To make the application of your masking film much easier, here’s a solution for you.

  • Serrated blade to cut both tape and film
  • Makes masking faster
  • Two sizes for core lengths of 10 cm and 20 cm
  • Keeps film and tape in pristine condition between projects

painting masking film - dispenser




Q1® Cover All Paint and spray masking film

Protective masking film: a solution for rapid coverage of flat large areas.

  • Fast and easy unfolding
  • Provides furniture and floor protection from overspray, dust and spills
  • Ideal for properly covering and draping goods in storage
  • Excellent adherence on all surfaces

Our masking films are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are removable without a trace of adhesive residue for up to six months after use (indoor only).

Pre-taped with Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape, our electrostatically treated masking film prevents over-spray flaking and drips, which means you can re-coat and clean up with complete confidence during any paint or spray application.

painting masking film - cover all



Need further protection from paint spills? Learn more about our wide range of surface protection solutions.


painting masking film - advantages

Characteristics and advantages of our masking films

Why choose Q1®’s masking film instead of any other masking product?

  • We offer different film dimensions for covering both small and large surfaces
  • Our masking films are pre-taped with Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape, for razor sharp lines and an easier application
  • They are suitable both for indoor and outdoor use
  • Quick and fast masking, to start painting right away
  • These films are pre-folded, so you can mask even larger surfaces very quickly, without getting stuck
  • They unfold easily and stick well to any surface
  • No residues after pulling it off

How to use it

When you have to get, for example, a spray painted job, you have to carefully mask off areas that will not be painted, because overspray is inevitable. To use our masking film, simply unroll it, place it or lay it over the surface that needs protection, unfold it, then use a simple painters tape or masking tape to keep it in place. Remember that a bigger film is not always better: be sure to take the right size you need and cut the excess, otherwise you’ll get tangled.

A secret tip to use masking film

Before applying our pre-folded films on any surface, we suggest to pre-tape the borders with painter’s tape, even if masking film already has tape in it. Why? Because it makes de-masking a lot easier, pulling off everything very quickly, and it will cling to the surface even easier. Don’t worry about leaving residues or taking away paint, because our tapes won’t do it, we promise.

When should you use painting masking film instead of masking paper?

The film comes in rolls of various widths, and it can be loaded onto a film dispenser.  Once it’s been applied you just unfold it and tape down the remaining edges. It works well for large areas that you need to protect from paint, such as windows, doors, and so on.

Masking paper works more or less in the same way that painting masking film does, but the main differences are that it is a little thicker and more durable, and it is rolled in a single layer so there’s no unfolding once it’s applied. We usually suggest using it for masking smaller areas when more controlled spray work is being done.


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