Systainer TOP (1) Systainer Top

Q1® Systainer

Organization is the key to high productivity.

Designed to safely place and move painting tools and accessories, protecting them from dust, water, dirt and extreme temperatures.

Q1® Systainer is robust and shock-proof tool box but also lightweight and easy to handle, thanks to its practical handles. With its compact and standardized dimensions, Q1® Systainer is especially indicated for power tools and is suited for every vehicle equipment.

Thanks to its special modular construction, Systainers can be piled and coupled together to have more storing space.

Systainerbottom (1) Systainerbottom (1)
Features & benefits
  • Shock-proof and robust
  • Lightweighted (only 1,69 Kg)
  • Two practical handles
  • Standard and compact dimensions, suitable for every vehicle equipment
  • Stackable and combinable to have more storing space
Product reference
Part# Size
Q1SYS187 180mm x 396mm x 296mm
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