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Q1® Handy Masking Paper

Perfectly fitting with doors and windows.

High-quality masking paper makes masking up quick and effective for both brush and spray painting methods. Suitable for both water and solvent based paints and available in two sizes, the Q1® Handy Masking Paper is ideal for protecting large areas from over spray as well as quickly covering beams, window sills and cornicing. Standard 25mm core size fits all hand masking machines.

Handy Maskerbottom (1) Handy Maskerbottom (1)
Features & benefits
  • High qualty paper to prevent drips and flaking
  • Compatible with solvent and water-based paints
  • Suitable for use with masker dispenser
  • Ideal for protecting door frames, window frames, beams and for general purpose surface protection
Product reference
Part# Size
Q1MP15 15cm x 55m
Q1MP30 30cm x 55m

How to use

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