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Spray paint tips to improve the quality of your painting project

calendar-icon 21 July 2022

In this article, we are giving tips to spray paint interior walls quickly and easily, with some advice on the right masking tools to use.

Follow these steps to spray paint like a pro:


Make room around you 

First things first: get rid of anything too bulky so you can work freely.

Move all the furniture to the centre of the room or place it outside, because spray painting needs space.


Cover the surfaces you need to stay clean very carefully

Cover the surfaces before spray painting

Good masking is half of the job. Don’t be afraid to use masking paper or masking film to cover each item or surface that must stay clean.

Avoid slippery drop cloths or newspapers, please.

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Tape light switches and any other small element

Tape small elements before spray painting

Don’t forget to take care of all those smaller items that can be stained while you’re spray painting: chandeliers, light switches, power sockets and so on.

Better spending a few more minutes in masking than cleaning for two additional hours after you complete your paintwork. 

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Test the quality of the spray pattern

Test the quality of the spray pattern

Make some sprays on an old cardboard box (or anything else you don’t mind throwing away) to adjust the pressure and nozzle settings of your spray paint gun.

Make sure the spray is smooth and even.


Start painting the corners

Spray painting corners and edges first before large surfaces lead to a better finish.

Once you completed the borders, fill the walls from top to bottom.


Keep the gun perpendicular to the wall

Your spray painting technique is fundamental if you are aiming for an even surface. 

To get the same colour intensity with each stroke, keep the spray paint gun as perpendicular as possible, at the same distance: a slight angle will give you a more faded colour on one side.


Slightly overlap the previous stroke

Overlap each stroke you make to avoid unevenness or unwanted stripes and get a smooth finish. Don’t paint large sections in one stroke: you want to overlap the previous stroke before the paint dries.


Wear protective clothing 

Wear protective clothing before spray painting

Look at your work area once you finished your spray paint job: pretty messy, right? Masking tools protect surfaces from paint spills, but what can keep you safe and clean?

Choose a spray paint suit that is comfortable enough to make you work freely, but also thick enough to protect you.

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  • Q1® Spray Overall: Reusable and made of anti-static polyester, it is designed to be resistant and breathable, ensuring a high level of comfort and freedom of movement.


Clean your paint sprayer when you finish

Your spray paint job is complete, high five! What are you doing now, putting your spray paint gun away and running home? 

Even if it has been a long day, always remember to properly clean your sprayer before leaving, or paint will dry and get stuck inside of it.

If you clean your gun each time, you will always get a neat result, pinky promise.

Now that you know the secrets to get a flawless result, get your masking essentials and create a masterpiece!

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