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FAQ: Can Q1 low tack masking tape prevent pulling up paint?

calendar-icon 11 May 2020

Every day we receive many questions like this:

“I am renovating an old house, and I've found very susceptible to pulling up the old paint when I'm masking on it for paint repairs. I’m currently using a paper tape for masking. Is there a lower tack tape or other tricks to help prevent pulling paint when removing the masking?”

Do you find yourself in these words? Here’s the suggestion we give to professionals who find themselves with this need.


You only need a very good low tack masking tape

The answer is simple: to prevent pulling up paint you need a tape with a lighter adhesion. This doesn’t mean that you’ll get a worse performance, because sometimes the less tacky tapes actually stick better!

Yes, paper tape can be ok for regular paint jobs, but if you are looking for a professional finish on delicate surfaces, we highly recommend you to choose a masking tape with low tack adhesion, which is compatible with most types of paint and adapts to multiple and irregular surfaces.

This way, you are sure to achieve an easy and clean removal without leaving adhesive residue on the application surface, even on extra delicate or freshly painted surfaces.

This kind of masking tape also works very well on wallpapers and in any project where low tape adhesion and no surface damage is a must.


low tack masking tape - application


Our low tack masking tape

If you are looking for a masking tape with all these features, you can stop here. We’ve got you covered.

We suggest you to choose Q1® Delicate Surface Masking Tape.

low tack masking tape - product



An ultra-thin, low tack paper masking tape specifically designed for the preservation of delicate surfaces during the painting process. You can also use it on wallpaper or fresh plaster.
Q1® Delicate Surface Masking Tape assures easy removability on smooth and slightly textured surfaces.

It is available in three sizes:

  • 25mm x 50m
  • 38mm x 50m
  • 50mm x 50m


Different sizes and quantities

We sell our low tack masking tape in different sizes and quantities, to satisfy the need of any kind of customer.

If you rarely work with delicate surfaces, but you always want to keep a few low tack masking tapes with you, you can choose our single roll solution.
If you are a professional painter who often needs to prevent pulling off paint, you can choose our multi pack solution (up to 9 rolls).
Are delicate surfaces your cup of tea? Go with our box (up to 36 rolls). You will always be sure to have a large amount of low tack masking tape rolls by your side.


Discover our full painting renovation range and choose other solutions to match your masking tools!

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