7 Must-Have Q1 painting tools for professional painters

calendar-icon 16 February 2023

Whether in traditional decorating or spray-painting projects, to ensure a professional job is needed to use the right products: paint, machinery or masking products must fulfil high-quality standards. Choosing high-quality solutions means choosing the best solutions on the market in terms of innovation and price-quality ratio. Q1, with its many decades of experience in the production of masking tapes, offers a wide choice of products to suit all different situations and surfaces. Before starting any painting project, the rooms involved must be prepared by protecting furniture, floors (especially if they are delicate), doors and windows: preparation requires a great amount of attention to detail to ensure a flawless job. Discover Q1 7 must-have painting tools that a professional should always have with him to make every painting project a masterpiece.


Q1® Floor Pro Board


Let’s start with the floor. Q1® Floor ProBoard is a reusable paper which provides a durable temporary floor protection against paint and any other liquids. As it’s longer in length and lighter in weight than traditional floor protection boards, it is also the ideal match for long walkways and large rooms. Q1® Floor Pro Board is a sustainable solution: it is made of 100% recycled and biodegradable paper.


Features & benefits, in short:

  • 100% recycled and biodegradable paper
  • Withstands long-lasting works, proving a durable floor protection
  • Prevents paint spills, moisture and liquids get through to the surface
  • Easy-to-use and reusable product
  • Longer and lighter compared to traditional floorboards

Q1® Multiple Purpose Indoor Masking Tape


To combine with Q1® Floor Pro Board, it is 3415 Q1® Multiple Purpose Indoor Masking Tape: the semi-rigid paper masking tape with natural rubber adhesive for superior hold and clean removal within 7 days after application. Q1 3415 is designed for almost all indoor paint applications because it adheres easily to smooth and irregular surfaces such as walls, skirting boards, trims or switches.


Features & benefits, in short:

  • Natural rubber adhesive for superior hold and clean removal
  • Ideal for indoor use on both smooth and irregular surfaces
  • No bleed through
  • 7 days clean removal
  • Tears neatly off the roll for effortless application

Q1® Cover All Dust Sheet


When it comes to painting jobs, covering large areas or furniture that cannot be moved, requires practical, fast, but above all, stable solutions: Q1® Cover All Dust Sheet is ideal.  Thanks to an exclusive patented system it is faster and easier to unfold and open out compared to others products. This sheet is electrostatically charged so that it doesn’t slip or flutter when you pass by.


Features & benefits, in short:

  • Fast and easy unfolding
  • Electrostatically charged
  • Provides furniture and floor protection from overspray, dust and spills
  • Ideal for properly covering and draping goods in storage
  • Excellent adherence on all surfaces

Q1® Pre-Taped Washi Film


Ideal for quickly and easily masking both large and small surfaces whilst creating precise razor-sharp lines. Q1® Pre Taped Washi Film, available in a variety of sizes. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is removable without a trace of adhesive residue for up to six months after use (indoors only).


Features & benefits, in short:

  • Different dimensions for covering both small and large surfaces
  • Pre-taped with Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape for razor-sharp lines
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Quick and fast masking
  • Unfolds easily and sticks well to the surface

Q1® Handy Masking Paper


To protect windows and doors it is necessary to mask the surfaces with high-quality masking paper as Q1® Handy Masking Paper. A solution ideal for protecting large areas from overspray as well as overspray window sills or beams. Suitable for both water and solvent-based paints, Q1® Handy Masking Paper is available in two sizes.


Features & benefits, in short:

  • High-quality paper to prevent drips and flaking
  • Compatible with solvent and water-based paints
  • Suitable for use with masker dispenser
  • Ideal for protecting door frames, window frames, beams and for general-purpose surface protection


3560 Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape


For trimming work requiring precision and accuracy, 3560 Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape is the right choice. This ultra-thin, washi Japanese paper masking tape is designed to create perfect razor-sharp paint edges. Compatible with both solvent and water-based paints, Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape offers easy and clean removal without leaving residues.


Features & benefits, in short:

  • Ultra-thin paper for razor-sharp paint edges
  • 6 months indoor clean removal
  • 3 months outdoor clean removal
  • UV & Water Resistant
  • Compatible with solvent and water-based paint


3590 Q1® Sensitive Surface Masking Tape


Extremely delicate indoor surfaces, such as wallpapers, plaster and freshly painted walls, require sensitive masking tapes and Q1 has the perfect solution: 3590 Q1® Sensitive Surface Masking Tape. Its smooth but effective adhesive and innovative tape construction offers excellent paint anchorage and sharp break lines, without damaging.


Features & benefits, in short:

  • Japanese Washi Paper
  • Special ultra-delicate adhesive formula
  • Razor-sharp paint lines
  • 7 days clean removal from extremely delicate surfaces (wallpapers, plaster freshly painted walls)
  • 14 days clean removal from common indoor surfaces (PVC, glass, wood, aluminium)
  • 7 days UV resistance on indoor surfaces exposed to sunlight, such as door profiles and window outlines.


Choose Q1 products for painting and renovation: take the chance to you’re your toolbox with superior products. Discover the whole painting range.

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