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Q1® Floor ProBoard

The game changer in floor protection. Reusable and recycled.

Q1® Floor ProBoard is a reusable paper which provides a durable temporary floor protection for painting and renovation projects.

Compared to traditional floor protection boards, this masking paper is characterized by a longer length and lighter weight which make it very easy to use and reposition during masking operations.

Q1® Floor ProBoard is made of 100% recycled and biodegradable paper which protects any surfaces from paint spills and blocks moisture and liquids to get through to the surface, offering superior performance even in wet conditions. For a stable and safe fastening, we recommend to use 3450 Q1® Multiple Purpose Indoor Masking Tape.

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Features & benefits
  • Prevents paint spills, moisture and liquids getting-through
  • Easy-to-use and reusable product
  • Longer and lighter compared to traditional floor boards
  • 100% recycle and biodegradable paper
Product reference
Part# Size Pcs/Case
Q1FPB 90cm x 50m 1 roll/ box

How to use

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