Using a wide masking tape on cars: dos and don’ts

calendar-icon 31 July 2020

A wide masking tape helps achieving professional results in less time. And when time is money, a help like this is essential. Follow our tips and discover our range of wide masking tapes designed for the automotive field.

Every professional painter knows that wide masking tapes are among the must-haves of a body shop. However, this kind of masking product is not a passepartout for any occasion. When you should use a wide tape and when you shouldn’t do it?


DO – When wide masking tape is a good idea

Mask small surfaces near a damage

In this specific case, you don’t have to mask the entire vehicle, but you still have to protect the closest surfaces or components, such as door handles, headlights and so on. To achieve a nice result, you just have to use your wide masking tape in small stripes and stick it on the surface, covering all the parts you don’t need to paint. 


wide masking tape - high performance

In the picture: Q1® High Performance Masking Tape, UV and water resistant.


Place it around edges

wide masking tape - edges

You can do this trick to easily cover edges with masking paper. Apply wide masking tape under the edges of the area you need to paint: just make sure you use only half of the adhesive surface of the tape and let the other half stick out from the edge. This will let masking paper stick without effort and protect the vehicle from spray paint.


Support masking film and paper

wide masking tape - support

Maybe this one will be the most obvious advice: use wide masking paper to support masking films and paper with which to cover the larger surfaces of the car. Obvious, but not for everyone. In fact, we still have to underline that a good wide masking tape is the most appropriate solution when painting vehicles, because it doesn’t leave residues on the surface and resists at high temperatures, unlike classical paper tapes. 


wide masking tape - high temperature

Q1® Premium Masking Tape can handle up to 110°C/230°F!


DON’T – When wide masking tape is a no-no

Never use it to decorate

No, never. Wide masking tape was clearly NOT made for this purpose. You should use a thinner tape that can perfectly follow the curves, and have better precision. For situations like this, use specific products for high precision applications, unless you are aiming for a messy decoration.


Don’t place it in door edges and gaps

Wide masking tape will save you on many other occasions, but not on this one. For those specific areas of the vehicles, a foam masking tape works so much better. This masking product is perfect to protect door jambs and gaps, fitting perfectly in the grooves of the car and letting you save time.


Now that you know exactly if you are looking for the right product for you, discover our range of wide masking tapes!

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