Foam Masking Tape: advantages and applications

calendar-icon 08 September 2017

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Foam masking tape is the innovative solution to protect door seals, trunks, bonnets, A-posts and other grooved parts from paint overspray during car painting. How does it work? Let’s take a closer look at this professional tool.

Foam masking tape is a seamless, circular stripe of polyurethane foam with a hot-melt adhesive applied to one side. Thanks to its porous structure, the tape easily fits into door jambs and seals, bonnets, trunks and any other gap of the vehicle’s body, filling the apertures so to leave no leak for paint overspray to filter through. Its several advantages have made foam masking tape a successful product among car painting professional who look for quality, time savings and flawless results.

Foam Masking Tape: how is it made?

The production of foam masking tape starts with a wide band of polyurethane foam material, which is unwound and cut into circular stripes. The foamy material and its round shape help the product to ensure a total protection on placed areas, filling any gap and creating an effective barrier against paint leaking. After the cutting, the strips are spread on one side with a layer of hot-melt adhesive. The small contact area between the foam and the glue reduces the risk of tearing when the product is unwound. Q1® Premium Masking Foam Tape is a high-density foam with a strong cell structure, which makes the material highly durable and long-lasting.

How to use Foam Masking Tape

Foam masking tape is available in boxes that ease its dispensing, helping to unwind the product with a steady movement. You can then tear the tape by hand to the desired length or you can use the whole roll without rending it. To apply foam masking tape on the car, stick it into the groove with a soft pressure of the fingers, in order to enhance its adhesive hold: its high conformability make it easy to follow the curves and irregular shapes of jambs and gaps.

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The perks of using a high quality masking tape

Foam masking tape is engineered to guarantee excellent results in jamb masking, preventing paint bridging with a simple and quick application. Providing high quality masking and saving hours of work are the key elements of the success of this product among professionals. Among its advantages, foam masking tape:

  • Does not produce edges for a perfect finish
  • Guarantees easier and faster application than any other masking solution
  • High performance in every situation, even on applications on heavy vehicles
  • Provides easy removal without leaving adhesive residue
  • Versatility in other applications such as primers without leaving any edges and facilitating the subsequent sanding

In addition, foam masking tape boasts excellent resistance to water and good resistance to acids and base, fats and oils, solvent base and waterborne paints. If you are looking for sharp and perfect contours around jambs and gaps, foam masking tape is definitely the product for you.

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