Delivering sharp lines in a premium finish barn conversion

calendar-icon 30 September 2020

When experienced painter and decorator, Stuart Yates, was employed to paint a refurbished barn conversion, sharp lines were key to emphasising the newly installed dark grey window frames and satin finish sockets and switches. Priding himself on a premium-grade for all his projects, Stuart uses Q1® tapes and films to mask quickly and effectively before spraying any room. 

Here he talks us through his latest project: it's important to take time to mask properly on any project, especially one which has recently been refurbished with freshly plastered walls and new windows, like this barn conversion. Choosing masking products which are precision-engineered for enhanced performance during the application, protection and removal process really makes a difference to the quality of your finish, plus the time spent on the job.

Delivering sharp lines in a premium finish barn conversion 1

Protecting windows and delivering sharp lines

This barn conversion has been recently plastered so it’s important to clean down the window frames first to remove any excess plaster. This ensures the tape you apply to protect the window adheres perfectly to the UPVC, whilst making the finished room really standout to the homeowner.

To protect the windows, we use a double tape method, with a tape and drape to cover the glass. We use Q1® Multi-Purpose Masking Tape to cover the edges of the frame, apply Q1® Pre-Taped Washi Film, then double tape around the edges to secure the film in place.

Delivering sharp lines in a premium finish barn conversion 2

Q1® Multi-Purpose Masking Tape is UV resistant for up to six months indoors, which is helpful on larger projects that may take a while to complete. The washi film is electrostatically treated which means it clings to the window while you tape around the edges. Overspray sticks to the film with no flaking or dripping, allowing us to re-coat and clean up with ease.

The combination of the multi-purpose tape and the pre-taped Washi film ensures both complete protection during the spraying process, plus razor sharp lines where the new plaster meets the frames. 

Delivering sharp lines in a premium finish barn conversion 3

Protecting sockets and switches

Fitted throughout with quality satin-finish sockets and switches, this barn conversion is of a high-level finish which is something we want to replicate in our painting. We like to use Q1® pre-taped paper to cover sockets and switches, keeping the paper closed at the back with a little more multi-purpose tape.

This combination of product and tried-and-technique gives us the confidence to spray directly over the sockets and switches when spraying which really saves time. We then remove the covers at the end during the tidy up for a crisp, razor-sharp finish

Delivering sharp lines in a premium finish barn conversion 4

Protecting skirtings and wooden floors

The Q1® Pre-taped Masking Paper is ideal for protecting skirting boards and creating a sharp line where the wood meets the wall. We used this throughout the barn conversion and double taped it with a floor covering upstairs to protect the treated wooden floors.

Spraying with confidence

It’s so important not to rush the masking phase of any project, especially on one where attention to detail is paramount. Taking time to mask properly will save time when it comes to spraying and will minimise the amount of touching up required at the end.

Q1® has made our masking processes notably quicker, easier and more effective. We have been blown away by how easy it is to apply and how well in stays in place. The straight lines it leaves and how easy it peels away impress our customers every time, which is why we have switched to Q1® for good.

Have you made the switch to Q1®? We’d love to hear about it on Facebook or Instagram. You can watch Stuart and his team in action here or read more about the products they use by visiting our product pages.

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