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calendar-icon 18 May 2022

To take the most out of your cars you’ll need products designed to perform perfectly and to be easy to use. We introduce you the whole automotive range by Q1® and the main advantages.

Our premium quality range offers a complete selection of automotive paint shop supplies, including masking tapes, plastic sheeting, masking paper and other specialty tapes which make even the most difficult refinishing jobs quicker and easier, delivering a better quality finish every time. Let’s see them in detail.


Masking tapes

automotive paint shop supplies - masking tapes

The first reason why Q1® is the cream of the crop in the automotive paint shop supplies field is because of the quality of its automotive masking tapes.

Instant adhesion, sharp edges, high usability and high performances are among their features and benefits. You can find these tapes in our range:

  • Q1® Premium Masking Tape - Impeccable lines and a bright yellow shade.
  • Q1® High Performance Masking Tape - With a bright green colour, it is designed for the most demanding operations, even with wet sanding and UV drying.
  • Q1® Premium Trim Masking Tape - Pre-cut every 38 mm, it is designed to facilitate masking in finishing work.
  • Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape - Spongy tape for high levels of masking.
  • Q1® Performance Foam Tape - Spongy tape with a special "T" shape.


Read this article from our blog to see all their characteristics at a glance: Car masking tape: which one is the best?

In our hearts, we are first of all an automotive masking tape wholesaler, but we bring innovation in any product of our range, of course. Let’s move forward and discover the entire range.


Masking paper

automotive paint shop supplies - masking paper

Choosing Q1® masking paper means relying on resistance, no fibre contamination on paint and sustainability.

You can get protection and cleanliness by choosing any of our paper rolls:

  • Q1® Premium Masking Paper - The thickest paper in the range.
  • Q1® Performance Masking Paper - Light paper for every painting job.
  • Q1® Virgin Kraft Masking Paper - 32 gr/m2 of pure wood pulp, highly tear resistant.


Masking films

automotive paint shop supplies - masking film

When we say that our automotive masking films are made to stay, we are not joking.

The electrostatic charge resulting from the corona treatment allows them to stay in place while you mask and paint your vehicles.

Furthermore, this special treatment avoids paint dripping, so you can say goodbye to any mess in your body shop.

Here you are Q1® masking films:

  • Q1® Premium Drop Film - Film and tape combined in one product.
  • Q1® Premium Protective Film - Ensures maximum adhesion of the paint for clean work.


To easily tell their differences, read this article: Car paint protection film: different products for different repairs


Sanding sponges and accessories

automotive paint shop suppliles - accessories

Now, the cherries on top of our automotive paint shop supplies:

  • Q1® Double Sided Sanding Sponges - Abrasive sponges available in FINE, MICRO FINE and SUPER FINE grits. Durable, easy to use, simply perfect. You can use them to sand all those spots that ordinary sanding tools can’t reach, both on dry or wet surfaces.
  • Q1® Spray Overall - A reusable paint suit to protect you from paint splashes. Light, resistant and breathable, it ensures a high level of comfort and freedom of movement during the use.


Choose outstanding equipment to raise the bar of your working routine.
Q1® is specialised in the innovation of masking tape solutions for the automotive aftermarket, including collision repair sector.

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