Automotive films made to stay.

Forget paint dripping and all the struggles to get your film in place. No tricks, just electrostatic charge.

Q1® Premium Drop Film

Film and tape in one single roll.

Q1® Premium Protective Film

Unroll it and leave your worries behind.


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Automotive Projects
20 May 2024
Revolutionizing Car Refinishing: ClarityCoat & Q1®'s Tesla CyberTruck Project

Explore the innovative collaboration between ClarityCoat and Q1® in the groundbreaking Tesla CyberTruck project. Discover how AutoFlex™ and Q1®'s Ultimate Masking Tape have redefined automotive paint protection standards.

Automotive How to
25 March 2024
Restoring faded car paint: A guide to automotive paint restoration

Discover how Q1® masking solutions can have a key role in the automotive restoration journey. From precision masking to protecting surfaces during painting, Q1® elevates the process, ensuring a meticulous and professional touch in automotive paint re...

Automotive News
21 February 2024
Sustainability and Precision: Q1® CarBasic Masking Tape, your all-purpose solution for automotive repairs

Experience automotive perfection with Q1® CarBasic Masking Tape tailored for bodyshops and redefine excellence in spray painting while promoting sustainability.

Automotive How to
22 January 2024
Surface Rust Removal: How to restoring a vehicle's shin

This brief guide offers essential tools and swift techniques for efficient surface rust repair. From fixing small rust spots to addressing more serious issues, the focus is on maintaining professional fleet vehicles with speed and precision.

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