Automotive masking tape: Q1® Premium Masking Tape

calendar-icon 20 January 2017

Are you looking for an automotive masking tape? In this article we discover a product that pairs quality with convenience, giving a perfect solution for the professionals of car painting. Q1® is proud to introduce you to its Premium Masking Tape, one of the best choice in the field.

Q1® Premium Masking Tape is an automotive masking tape for high quality applications, created with a crepe paper backing and natural rubber adhesive. Thanks to its sun yellow colouring, it can be easily identified during the process of painting, marking the surfaces that do not need to be painted. Let’s deepen its features:

  • High temperature resistance: Q1® automotive masking tape can withstand a temperature of 90° for one hour and 110° for half an hour, giving a significant margin to the needs of most auto body shops, who rarely perform drying cycles above 80° for more than 20-30 minutes.
  • Excellent adhesion: thanks to the quality of the adhesive employed, Q1® Premium Masking Tape boasts an excellent adhesion power, while being extremely easy to remove without leaving residue.
  • Excellent conformability and top quality results when used tape on tape: Q1® Premium Masking Tape guarantees excellent performances both in direct applications and in combination with masking paper or films. Thanks to its conformability, in fact, this automotive masking tape can adhere perfectly to different and irregular surfaces, providing a high precision masking for the thinnest areas of the vehicle. At the same time, Q1® Premium Masking Tape shows excellent performances when used tape on tape, in combination with masking paper and masking films.
  • Water and solvent resistance: the adhesive used in Q1® automotive masking tape is compatible with the most used paints and lacquers, thanks to its resistance to solvent-based and waterborne coatings. This quality makes it a flexible product for many different car-painting situations.
  • Easy and controlled unwind: when applying Q1® Premium Masking Tape, you will appreciate the consistent and easy unwinding that makes the job quick and smooth. No more ripping and breaking, for a perfect application.

The result? A quick and precise job, from the application to the removal of the automotive masking tape, leaving sharp and clean edges on the coated areas. Q1® Premium Masking Tape is available in four different sizes, featuring a width of 18, 24, 36 or 48 mm.

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