True Stories

Damage Undone: Speed and quality of repair made easier with Q1

Q1® Premium Masking Solutions to offer high-quality and rapid repairs “Delivering the best quality repair means finding a masking solution which is easy to sweep around bumper contours of bumper swage lines – if that product is bright yellow, even better! It makes it much easier to see if there are any discrepancies in paint


Shorade: an inspiring success story!

As a business owner, we are all faced with challenges and the time constraints on the job, and ultimately, to save cost and improve performance. The Q1® Premium product range provides Shorade with performance and value: Q1® covers this all!

Jonathan Penny

Shop Bodyshop Direct: from solid values to tangible results

Q1® Premium Masking Solutions redefining the concept of high quality supply of industrial tape and penetration in masking product market When it comes to choose between automotive masking tape manufacturers,  it’s all a matter of value: the Q1® brand has really had a striking effect, bringing the discussion about masking product to a higher level


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