Q1® becomes Official Partner of Ducati Corse

PPM Industries is proud to announce that its Q1® brand have become the new official partner of Ducati Corse, the racing division of Italian high performance motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati Motor Holdings S.p.A. With a number of shared values including speed, performance engineering, and of course an Italian heritage, Q1® and Ducati Corse both strive to

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Mask Well, Spray Faster – A masterclass in saving time

Saving time on projects delivers a number of benefits for both you and your customers. From making each job more profitable and freeing up time for quoting, invoicing, restocking or prepping the next job, to impressing each customer with a fast, professional finish in less time than they had anticipated. When it comes to masking

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The science behind the stick

Premium performance masking tape requires a fine balance of three scientific forces; tack, cohesion and adhesion. You’ve probably read these words, but what do they actually mean? What is the… Read more >>
masking tape when painting windows

To tape or not to tape?

Should it even be a question? Masking to create a precision brush finish is undeniably growing in popularity, largely driven by higher customer expectations than ever before when it comes… Read more >>
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