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Adhesive masking film: our tips to get a good-looking result

Ideal for quickly and easily masking both large and small surfaces whilst creating precise razor-sharp lines, an adhesive masking film is the best partner of a painter. This kind of masking film is the perfect protection for any surface of the house, but do you know exactly how to use it to achieve the best

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FAQ: How can I understand when to remove masking tape?

For those who like to mask off any surface in order to ensure sharp lines while painting, or simply mask a section that has to remain clean, painter’s tape is a great resource. But when do you have to remove masking tape so you don’t make a mess and spoil all the hard work? In

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Masking tape manufacturers

Masking tape manufacturers Thanks to our experience and knowledge of masking tape manufacturers for various industries in over two decades, we have created a concept dedicated to body shops and painters, offering outstanding products engineered for all the masking preparation applications. Our masking solutions are designed for professional car painting or any kind of indoor/outdoor

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Spray paint masking tape

Spray paint masking tape There comes a time during many painting jobs where a little bit of masking tape is necessary. Or even entire rolls of masking tape, if things get super serious. Spray paint is the best way to get a job done quickly with flawless results, and this method will work on a

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Masking film

Masking film Painting your walls (or any surface) better and faster is much easier than you think. Having the right instruments will help you achieving the best results.  Painting masking film Q1® Premium Masking Solutions offers the best masking films for the painting field. BUY NOW Q1® Pre-taped masking film roll for painting Ideal for quickly

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