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How to remove protective tape from UPVC windows, the easy way

In this article you will learn how to remove protective tape from UPVC, but are you aware that you can avoid wasting time in cleaning by simply choosing the right masking products? Professional painters trust in Q1® masking tapes, which offer premium performance in all weather conditions and ensure residue-free removal, even on UPVC windows. UPVC

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bulk masking tape

Bulk masking tapes

Bulk masking tape Q1® offers a wide range of masking tapes in all sizes, ideal for all your needs, that you can buy in bulk quantities. Discover our Painting solutions and get to know all the benefits you can achieve with them. Masking doesn’t only mean getting straight lines. It means saving time and energy.

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how to mask a room

How to mask a room for spray painting in 5 easy steps

When it comes to spray painting it is normal to maximise your effort during masking time. With some simple solutions and the right masking products you’ll be a real spray paint hero. An accurate preparation is an essential step to get a perfect paint job and satisfy the customer. Follow these steps and watch our

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painters tape

Painters tape: our tips to choose the right one

The search for the perfect painters tape is finally over. Tell us which result you aim for, we’ll tell you which tape to use. In this article you will finally find the perfect painters tape to obtain the professional results you are aiming for. Click the item you are interested in, or just keep scrolling

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Q1 paper masking tape

Paper masking tapes

Paper masking tapes Paper tape is a type of weak adhesive tape that most of the painters use to mask areas while decorating. But are all paper tapes the same? Well, the answer is no. To get more professional results, we highly recommend using masking tape, a type of paper tape that is pressure-sensitive and

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thin masking tape

Thin painters masking tapes

Thin painters masking tapes Whether you’re decorating the inner part or painting the outer part of a building, a thin masking tape is the tool you have to keep by your side. 25mm wide, Q1®️ thin painters tapes are perfect to make quick and clean paint lines. Paint any kind of wall, wallpaper, glass and

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Adhesive masking paper: the easiest way to save time in painting

How can an adhesive masking paper help saving time in covering indoor surfaces? Well, that’s because is kind of an “all-in-one masking tool”, paper and masking tape combined together. This tool is, in fact, a classic masking paper, but with an adhesive strip on it: this means that you spend less time to put it

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best masking tape

Find the best masking tape for you

Find the best masking tape for you Here’s a special guide from Q1®️ to find the painters masking tape or auto masking tapes that suits you perfectly. Click the result you want to achieve, we will suggest the best product for your activity, or simply scroll down to read the whole guide. Painting Razor sharp

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masking tape when painting

How to properly use masking tape when painting

An accurate preparation is an essential step to get a perfect paint job and satisfy the customer. In this article, we will explain how to use Q1®’s masking tapes at their best to save time and get a clean job. How to prepare the surface to cover Even the stickiest masking tape won’t stay put

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4 reasons why Q1 has the best masking tape in the UK

Choosing the right masking tape is a crucial decision when painting and decorating. This choice will affect the result of your paint job and the happiness of your customers. Why should you choose Q1’s tapes among all the masking products in the UK? Well, the reasons are many, here you are some. Q1 masking tape

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FAQ: Should I use masking tape or painters’ tape?

If you’re wondering…no, masking tape and painters’ tape are not the same product. You’re not alone. Many professional painters sometimes are not 100% sure about which kind of tape is the best for their job. Masking and painter’s tapes are often confused, because they look and feel similar. We could say that they’re part of

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FAQ: Can Q1 low tack masking tape prevent pulling up paint?

Every day we receive many questions like this: “I am renovating an old house, and I’ve found very susceptible to pulling up the old paint when I’m masking on it for paint repairs. I’m currently using a paper tape for masking. Is there a lower tack tape or other tricks to help prevent pulling paint

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how to remove masking tape

When to remove masking tape?

For those who like to mask off any surface in order to ensure sharp lines while painting, or simply mask a section that has to remain clean, painter’s tape is a great resource. But when do you have to remove masking tape so you don’t make a mess and spoil all the hard work? In

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Masking tape manufacturers

Masking tape manufacturers Thanks to our experience and knowledge of masking tape manufacturers for various industries in over two decades, we have created a concept dedicated to body shops and painters, offering outstanding products engineered for all the masking preparation applications. Our masking solutions are designed for professional car painting or any kind of indoor/outdoor

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Spray paint masking tape

Spray paint masking tape Our spray paint masking tape offers professional results and perfect finishes whether masking indoor, outdoor or delicate surfaces: Q1® Spray paint masking tape: Precision Line Q1® Spray paint masking tape: Multiple Purpose Q1® Spray paint masking tape: Delicate Surface How to use spray paint masking tape There comes a time during

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Painting masking film

Painting masking film Painting your walls (or any surface) better and faster is much easier than you think. Having the right instruments will help you achieving the best results: Our painting masking film range Characteristics and advantages of our masking films How to use masking film A secret tip to use masking film When should

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