Spraying new life into old UPVC windows

calendar-icon 06 June 2019

Extending the life of old uPVC windows is becoming a popular choice for homeowners who can’t afford new glazing or want to update the look of their property with different colour window frames.

When the owners of one detached executive family home in Longeaton, Nottinghamshire wanted to upgrade the curb appeal of their property, they turned to DeCorer UPVC painters.

Extending the life of existing double glazing


Homeowners are increasingly keen to discover cost-effective ways to maintain their home, and if it helps them tap into the latest design trends, such as dark grey window frames, then they are happier still.

Re-spraying uPVC windows can transform the look of any property, but it is crucial to achieve the sharpest lines and the neatest finish so that their windows look new for many more years. For a finish that good, we use Q1® painter's tapes and Kolorbond paints.


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Added curb appeal for an executive family home

Chris Brettle, Managing Director of Decorer, comments on the project:

“This imposing detached family home has many large windows, bay windows and a conservatory. We will also be spraying the porch area to match the new window frame colour.

“For homes like this, a quality finish is a prerequisite. Something which we are confident in achieving with Q1® tapes.”

Q1® is easy to apply to windows of all shapes and sizes, because it tears neatly from the roll and is thin enough to tuck tightly into corners – sticking just as well to the rubber seal as it does to the glass. It is also easy to use alongside masking paper for complete coverage of the glazed panels and surrounding brickwork.


upvc brickwork


“Importantly, Q1® tapes offer premium performance whatever the weather, which is exactly what we need working outside. Whether it’s the heat of summer or a much colder day, we can work safe in the knowledge that we will still get a residue-free removal to save time and leave each window looking brand new. When spraying with solvent-based paints, we can work with confidence that the paint will not soak through the tape.”

This property in particular has opted for a classic 7016 satin finish, a dark grey tone which is growing in popularity for applications such as this. After removing the silicone from around the windows, the uPVC is scotched with sandpaper to give the paint something to key to.


upvc spraying


Then, Chris’ team mask each window pane, the surrounding brickwork and inside the windows to ensure crisp lines and a faultless finish.


upvc masking


Chris says: “We always mask up the inside of the windows from outside the property. Access is more manageable and it is far less invasive for the customer.”

Once the property is fully masked, the specialists get to work applying three coats of paint, safe in the knowledge that all glazed panels and brickwork are protected from overspray.

“Once we have achieved an even colour, the tape and masking paper is removed,” continues Chris. “Q1® is quick to remove at the end of the job, leaving no residue on the glass which really saves time compared to other brands.

We use the Q1® Multipurpose Masking Tape as well as the professional-grade duct tape for sticking to brickwork. To cover the glass, we use the Q1® Handy Masking Paper which really is a winning combination.


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“Delivery is fast too when we order in bulk online, which is really helpful for a new thriving business.”

The final stage is to re-silicone all the windows and doors with a colour-matched silicone for a truly professional finish. UPVC Painters is a growing business set up by Chris and his business partner Paul Proud alongside their highly-successful decorating company DéCorer which works with major housebuilders and many of the top construction companies on a number of various projects.

Find out more about the Q1® Multiple Purpose tape here, or watch the DéCorer team in action.

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