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calendar-icon 07 September 2018

Q1® Premium Masking solutions, all you need for perfect job results


“You need a tape you can trust, Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape was just perfect!”

Sam Woodward


Sam Woodward Painting and Decorating is an independent team of experienced painters and decorators providing both domestic and residential services.
Based in Loughborough, they are located perfectly to cover all Leicestershire area.  
Sam Woodward Painting and Decorating is owned and managed by Sam Woodward, a professional painter and decorator with over 20 years experience.

What do you do at Sam Woodward Painting and Decorating?

“Painting is much more than applying paint on the walls.  It’s the attention to detail in the preparation and the use of quality products which will ensure that any painting job is maintained for many years to come” said Sam. “Here at Sam Woodward Painting and Decorating, we offer interior/exterior painting services with professionalism and quality in mind. From the initial consultation to the end of each project, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and a quality finished product.”

How do you ensure a professional painting and why did you choose Q1®?

“Most people see painting as a hobby activity, yet there is a difference between professional painting and DIY painting.
Professional painters deliver impeccable, flawless and immaculate painting services that make a room or building stand out.
I do quality work and I am on the job all times from start to finish. I can have up to five men with me depending on the size of the job.
They are all professional painters and that makes all the difference. Yet perfect edges, straight lines call for not only great skill but also the right masking tape.
That’s why I choose Q1®.

Speaking about masking needs, how did you choose Q1® Premium Masking Solutions for your business?

“A critical thing that I needed from the product was for it to not pull any of the previous paint from the substrate. If the tape is too strong, it is quite likely that this could happen. This precision tape has just the right amount of tack to be able to grab to the surface and remove with ease, without the risk of pulling up any previously painted surface. You need a tape you can trust because at times you need to leave it down for long periods of time, and there is nothing more soul destroying than having to go back over work you have already completed. Because of it’s characteristics, Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape was just perfect!”

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