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Q1® tips to spray paint wooden window frames effortlessly

calendar-icon 13 October 2022

Can wooden window frames be spray painted? Of course they can! Here are a few tips to make them shine like never before and our suggestions about the masking tools to choose.

Don’t throw old wooden windows away, give them a second life with a touch of fresh paint! With the right tools by your side, and a few tricks from professionals, this operation will be totally effortless.


Sand and clean the frames

You need to start on a clean canvas, so make sure the surface is ready to be painted.

Sand the frame with medium-grade sandpaper to remove any imperfections and to make the surface nice and smooth.

Then clean the frames with warm water and let them dry completely.


Mask the area around the windows and the panes

masking window frames before spray paint

Preparation is the key to success.

First, we suggest using a high-quality masking tape: 3560 Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape works perfectly on wooden window frames and glass, because they leave perfect lines all the way around and absolutely no paint bleeds.

precision line masking tape for wooden frames

Then, you are ready to cover the remaining surfaces with masking paper. Be careful, or you’ll have to clean overspray afterwards.

Many professional painters give us positive feedback when using Q1® Pre Taped Masking Paper: the amount of time saved and the excellent grip are among the most appreciated benefits.

pre taped masking paper for wooden frames


Use semi-gloss or high-gloss paint

kind of paint on wooden window frames

You can paint wood with different types of paint. However, we believe that the best paint for wood window frames is a high-quality semi-gloss or high-gloss paint, as it is easy to maintain and stays in good condition even despite rough treatment. Both oil and acrylic-based paints will work well.

Spray a nice coat of paint on the wooden frames until you cannot see the wood grain or the previous colour underneath anymore.


Remove masking tape after a while

remove masking tape from wooden frames after spray paint

Are you one of those painters who demasks right after finishing painting, when everything is still wet? Well, we must tell you that this is actually a big no-no.

The ideal time to remove the masking tape from a home improvement project is when the paint is slightly dry to the touch, generally after one hour or so.

This is what we usually suggest to do when the work is done, but be aware that the drying of paints depends on several variables, such as heat, humidity and the kind of surface you are painting.


If you need further tips on this topic, read our article “When and how to remove masking tape”.


Use a brush for the final touches

Your spray painter didn’t reach a tiny little spot? Did you accidentally “over-masked”?
Grab a small brush and paint those little flaws, we won’t tell anyone. ;-)

And voilà, your freshly painted window frame is ready.

Now that you know how to make it work, grab anything you need from our shop!

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