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calendar-icon 29 October 2021

As a leading painter and decorator, Kevin Tingley, (aka Paint Warrior) has become well known for his prestigious work renovating luxury properties within the Northampton area of the UK. With a reputation for delivering the highest of standards, Kevin needed an effective painting and flooring solution for his latest project, a full home renovation scheduled to take four weeks to complete.

Although Kevin is used to dealing with high-end properties, the pressure was on to deliver the perfect finish, having been recommended by a previous client. In order to cope with the demands of the job, Kevin turned to Q1® Masking Tape Solutions, using its extensive range of painters’ tapes to ensure a flawless finish.

how to stop paint bleeding under tape - painter


The right tools for the job


Top of the list of priorities was wallpaper and floor protection, in particular Kevin needed an all-purpose masking tape that could remain firmly in place during the month-long renovation, but wouldn’t be too strong enough that it would cause damage to a variety of surfaces on removal. What’s more, as he was tasked with painting a ceiling above premium wallpaper, he needed a specialist tape that had enough ‘tac’ to hold surface protection without lifting or tearing the paper underneath, once peeled back.


Last but not least, as the home was fitted with varnished dark wood flooring throughout,it was essential that effective flooring protection could be fitted to protect against the heaviest of drips and spills to maintain its immaculate condition. With a large surface area to cover, Kevin also needed a product that could go down quickly and easily, minimising preparation time so that he could get on with the job at hand.


Ultimate protection


When it came to choosing floor protection, Kevin opted for the Q1® Floor ProBoard.As a tried and tested product, he knew it could provide long-lasting temporary floor protection against paint and any other liquids.As it’s longer in length and lighter in weight than traditional floor protection boards,it was also the ideal match for the long walkways and large rooms contained within the property.Its highly durable nature meant that it could also go the distance, providing complete protectionthroughout the entirety of the four-week period.

how to stop paint bleeding under tape - painter


Kevin said: “Our customers expect to see their floors cleaner than when we started and I knew the Q1® Floor ProBoard could offer the protection and durability to get the job done properly. I wanted to avoid using messy dustsheets, which can sometimes get dragged along as you’re working leaving floors exposed. It’s also a great time-saverand doesn’t leave rooms ‘contaminated’ with dust at the end of a working day. It takes just a couple of minutes to put down and I know it will stay in place throughout the whole duration.”


Tapes that measure up


In order to protect the perimeters of the floor, Kevin used the Q1® 3415 Multi-Purpose Indoor Masking Tape.As it’s designed for nearly all indoor paint works, he knew it would stay in place throughout the whole project as it easily sticks to irregular surfaces. The tape was also used to stick the Q1® Floor ProBoard – being water resistant, he knew he could it weather potential wet and muddy boots over the course of the job.


how to stop paint bleeding under tape - skirting boards

The Q1® 3590 Sensitive Surface Masking Tape was also integral to the project’s success. Within the lounge area of the house, Kevin needed to use paint spraying techniques to ensure a crisp, white finish on the ceiling. Used in conjunction with the Q1® Cover All Dust Sheet,Kevin was able to guarantee complete protection on the wallpaper covered walls thanks to the tape’s lower adhesion level. For Kevin, it meant one last thing to worry about as he knew the tape wouldn’t damage the ultra-sensitive surface beneath. As it’s also resistant to moisture and nearly all water and solvent based paints, it added yet another layer of reassurance. 

Kevin said: “In the living area the Q1® Cover All Dust Sheet was used alongside the Sensitive Tape – it’s soft enough to not damage the paper but strong enough to hold the plastic in place, which is exactly what I needed.

how to stop paint bleeding under tape - result

“What’s great about using Q1® tapes is that it’s got a ‘low seal’ on it and low adhesion – we’ve had problems in the past where tape has ruined our finishes because it’s been way to sticky on removal. We had a lot of wallpaper to protect and the Sensitive Surface Masking Tape seems to be the best product I’ve found when working with wallpaper, the low-tac sticks perfectly, but peels off, leaving the wallpaper still intact.” 

“I’ve used other tapes before but time and time again I turn to Q1’s product range – it’s a great feeling knowing that you’re working with a product you can 100% trust.”

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