4 reasons why Q1 has the best masking tape in the UK

calendar-icon 08 July 2020

Choosing the right masking tape is a crucial decision when painting and decorating. This choice will affect the result of your paint job and the happiness of your customers.

Why should you choose Q1’s tapes among all the masking products in the UK? Well, the reasons are many, here you are some.


Q1 masking tape is easy to use, trust us

Obtaining sharp lines and masking any surface will be easy as ABC. Each kind of our masking tapes are specifically designed to make the masking process easier for any surface and for any painting technique.

Let’s take, for instance, our precision line masking tape: this product was made to obtain perfect razor sharp paint edges with a minimum effort.

masking tape precision

Easy to apply, easy to tear off: what a dream! Even if you are new to the painter job, you won’t have any trouble.

And to have a boost of confidence, we suggest you to follow our tape tips.


Save time (and money) with high performances

Put it on, take it off in a blink of an eye, and don’t waste time to remove residues of glue.

Our range of coloured masking tapes doesn’t leave any residue on the surface, even after several days. This means than you won’t have to struggle to remove the tape and to use specific solvents to clean all the mess.

low tack masking tape roll

You can leave our delicate surface masking tape on indoor surfaces up to 15 days!


The right price for a high quality masking tape

If you are aiming to get professional results, you can do it with your talent, but we can support you without making you spend lots of money.

Not to brag, but our masking tapes have the best quality-price ratio in the UK. To save further, you can choose the box format and get a nice stock of masking tapes to keep always by your side. Or you can even buy masking tapes in bulk.

Multiple purpose masking tape

Our best seller? Q1® Multiple Purpose Indoor Masking Tape Box (with 36 rolls) at £ 1.22 per roll (exc VAT).

Yellow is your fellow

Last, but not least, you can bright up your job with a touch of yellow.

Furthermore, you can see easily where the tape is, while the ordinary paper tapes are most of the times the same colour of the masking paper or the wall you are painting. That’s why our yellow masking tapes are often employed: yellow is the brightest shade of the spectrum, the most clearly visible as it stands out on most of the surfaces, they are easier to see even in dark environments.

So yes, you can even put your glasses away and look younger. ;-)


Were we convincing? Now choose the best masking tape for your needs.

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