Coloured masking tape: Q1® products for different jobs

calendar-icon 30 October 2020

Q1® offers a range of coloured painter’s tapes: yellow, violet, pink and black. But colour is not the only difference between them. Discover all their features and benefits for your work.

Masking tape has to be of good quality, but if it is also coloured with bright shades, that’s even better. Why? Because you can see in a blink of an eye which tape you have to pick up for a certain kind of paint job and save time. You can forget all the time wasted in searching for *that* tape in your messy tool case.

Furthermore, coloured masking tape is easier to see when you have to take it off from the surfaces you masked (apparently, painting a khakis wall and masking it with a beige paper tape is not the greatest idea). 

Q1® masking tapes are yellow, pink, violet and black. Of course, their colour is not the only difference between them. Learn more about:


coloured masking tapes


Yellow masking tape – for regular/precision paintworks

colored masking tapes yellow


If you didn’t notice yet, yellow is our favourite colour ever. Why should you choose a yellow masking tape instead of a classical one? Because yellow is the brightest shade of the spectrum, the most clearly visible as it stands out on most the surfaces. Think about it: yellow is used in all low-visibility contexts, for signals and professional clothing in night jobs or foggy conditions. 

In our yellow range:

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Violet masking tape – for delicate surfaces

Violet masking tape – for delicate surfaces

In a nice light violet shade, 3570 Q1® Delicate Surface Masking Tape is a coloured low-tack paper tape specifically designed for the preservation of delicate surfaces during the painting process. It removes cleanly both on smooth or slightly textured surfaces.

This coloured tape guarantees 7 days of indoor clean removal.

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Pink masking tape - for extremely delicate surfaces

Pink masking tape - for extremely delicate surfaces

This pop of pink colour will not only cheer you up, but it will also save the most delicate surfaces you have to work with: here’s 3590 Q1® Sensitive Surface Masking Tape.

This Japanese Washi tape is specifically designed for extremely delicate indoor surfaces, such as wallpapers, plaster and freshly painted walls.

It grants you:

  • 7 days clean removal from extremely delicate surfaces;
  • 14 days clean removal from common indoor surfaces (PVC, glass, wood, aluminium).

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Black tape – for repairing and patching

Black tape – for repairing and patching

Ok, that’s not a masking tape, but it is always a painter’s best friend after all. Q1® All Purpose Duct Tape is the perfect tool for general repairs, bundling, patching and mending and protection from damages. It can be used as protection and sealant in many contexts like home and construction sites, so we highly suggest you make it join your team of coloured masking tapes.

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Where you can find Q1® coloured masking tape

Where you can buy our coloured masking tapes? Easy: you can find them here, in our shop. If you’re not really in the mood for online shopping, you can look for the closest reseller in the UK. Anyway, we suggest you to sign up for the newsletter, so you can receive our many offers and enjoy Q1® masking products at a special price. You’ll certainly find the occasion you were looking for. ;-)

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