PaintTech Training Academy puts Q1® to the test

calendar-icon 05 November 2018

Q1 is delighted to announce that Paint Tech Training Academy is putting our Q1 masking tapes to the test with a panel of 22 professional sprayers.

Founders of the academy, Ian Crump and Pete Wilkinson, were first to conduct their own field tests but have so far kept their opinions under wraps, ahead of feedback from a further team of 20 professionals.

Honest reviews of our Q1 Multi Purpose Indoor Masking Tape and the popular Q1 Precision Line Masking Tape will be shared across the Academy’s social media platforms leading up to the National Painting and Decorating Show at the end of November.

Ian Crump, Managing Director of the Paint Tech Training Academy and a professional sprayer of 20 years, describes the testing process:

“It’s fair to say that a new product will have to come up trumps on a number of different criteria before it’s added to our arsenal for good. Even then, it will need to perform throughout different seasons and application environments before we would replace a brand that we know and trust.

“We have asked our panel of 20 professional sprayers to test the Q1 tapes across a range of criteria including how tacky it is, how it tears and pulls off the roll and how it sticks to a variety of services. We will release our full findings over the coming weeks.”

Positive signs

Ever proud of the quality and performance of our tapes, the Q1 team is confident that the professional sprayers testing the new products will want to make the switch to our masking products for good. So far, things are looking positive with Paint Tech Training Academy tipped to use Q1 tapes in the Spray Zone at this year’s Paint Show.

The full testing criteria

With 22 sprayers testing our masking tapes across a variety of commercial and domestic jobs, no stone will be left unturned when it comes to revealing the true performance potential of our products. Here’s the full list of testing criteria:

  • The tack test: Remember, sometimes the less tacky tapes actually stick better
  • The tear test: Does it tear straight or does it ribbon?
  • The pull test: Does it pull off the roll easily?
  • Hand masker compatibility: Does it fit and perform with all major hand masking equipment?
  • The multi-surface test: Does it stick to all required surfaces?
  • The removal test: How easy is it to remove? Does it ribbon or remove paint?
  • The UV test: Is it UV resistant on glass to prevent costly time delays?
  • The price test: Is it competitive with other tapes of similar performance and quality?

Follow the reviews as they go live

To follow the honest reviews of both Q1 decorating tapes as they go live, follow Paint Tech Training Academy’s Facebook page, or for these reviews and more customer stories, follow Q1.

For more information on the two products being reviewed by the pros at Paint Tech Training Academy visit the Q1 website, and to book tickets to the National Painting and Decorating Show, click here.

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