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Paint masking products for professional painters: choose Q1® quality

calendar-icon 25 March 2021

If you are looking for high quality masking products (that won’t cost you an arm and a leg), Q1® can give you anything a professional painter needs. Discover our products and get your favourite ones.

Take a look at our painting and renovation range:


Masking tapes

The range of painter’s tapes is our flagship, our pride. Designed to make your workday lighter and easier, they will also give you a bright touch of colour.


paint masking products - precision lineQ1® Precision Line Masking Tape 

This precision masking tape grants high quality painting jobs indoor or outdoor. It is a thin masking paper that ensures a nice paint edge and no paint bleed, making it perfect for precise painting and renovation jobs with any paint and lacquers.


paint masking products - multiple purposeQ1® Multiple Purpose Indoor Masking Tape

Q1® Multi Purpose Indoor Masking Tape sticks well to multiple and irregular surfaces. This product is engineered for almost all indoor paint or renovation works, also on baseboards, trims, walls, wood or metal. It assures a clean and easy removal within 7 days.


paint masking products - delicate surfaceQ1® Delicate Surface Masking Tape

This special delicate masking tape can be used on fragile surfaces such as wallpaper or freshly painted surfaces, when you need a lower adhesion level to help prevent surface damage.


Masking paper

Among our paint masking products, masking paper is also a best seller. Light, but also resistant, you can rely on it anytime you need protection from paint spills.


paint masking products - masking paperNEW! - Q1® ProBoard Masking Paper

Q1® Floor ProBoard is a reusable paper which provides durable temporary floor protection for painting and renovation projects. This special masking paper is made of 100% recycled and biodegradable paper which protects any surfaces from paint spills and blocks moisture and liquids to get through to the surface, offering superior performance even in wet conditions.

Compared to traditional floor protection boards, this masking paper is characterized by a longer length and lighter weight which make it very easy to use and reposition during masking operations.


paint masking products - pre taped masking paperQ1® Pre Taped Masking Paper

The ideal solution for protecting surfaces against paint splatters or drips, Q1® Pre-taped Masking Paper is for interior use during any painting and decorating project. It is the right size for the protection of skirting boards, architraves, window frames and light switches.


paint masking products - handy masking paperQ1® Handy Masking Paper

A real evergreen of our painting range, this high-quality masking paper makes masking up quick and effective for both traditional brush painting or airless and HVLP paint sprayers. Suitable for both water and solvent based paints, the Q1® Handy Masking Paper is ideal for protecting large areas from overspray as well as quickly covering beams, window sills and cornicing.


Masking films

Another essential paint masking product to always keep by your side is masking film, a stronger protection for large surfaces from paint and dust. 


paint masking products - masking filmQ1® Cover All Dust Sheet

The perfect solution for rapid coverage of large areas, the Q1® Cover All masking film protects furniture, carpets and floor from paint, dust and spills even in the messiest of projects. It is also ideal to properly cover and drape goods in storage.

This sheet is electrostatically charged so that it doesn’t slip or flutter when you pass by.


paint masking products - pretaped masking filmQ1® Pre Taped Washi Film

This pre-taped electrostatically treated masking film prevents over-spray flaking and drips, which means you can recoat and clean up with complete confidence during any paint application. You can easily use it to mask both large and small surfaces whilst creating precise razor-sharp lines. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.



If you always struggle with unrolling and cutting film or paper, Q1® has got you covered. 


paint masking products - dispenserQ1® Masking Film Dispenser

Make masking with pre-taped film easy with the Q1® masking film dispenser. Portable and simple to use also with pre-taped masking paper, the serrated blade will cut both the tape and film in one movement saving you time and preventing uneven ripped edges. Available in two sizes (10 or 20 cm).



All purpose duct tape

Not a paint masking product, but a real lifesaver. 

paint masking products - duct tapeQ1® All Purpose Duct Tape is the perfect tool for general repairs, bundling, patching & mending and protection from damages. This black waterproof tape can be used as protection and sealant in many contexts like home and construction sites.


Discover our paint masking products and get your favourite ones!

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