Jack Frost switching to yellow gold story

calendar-icon 09 November 2018

The day I switched to yellow gold

“I had gone to my usual outlet to buy my usual masking tape, but they suggested I tried the new Q1 masking products instead. They said it was competitively price and worth a punt, so I tried it. That was two years ago, and I haven’t used another masking tape since. Razor sharp edges, faultless adhesion and clean removal make this tape incomparable in my opinion – that’s why I call it yellow gold.”

Those are the words of experienced spray painter Jack Frost, who runs a number of courses at the Exeter PaintTech Academy - he chanced upon the Q1 range in his local outlet. After sticking a few pieces to his workbench and using a typical spray paint to test it, he was instantly impressed with its performance credentials. The tape had adhered to the bench faultlessly and when Jack removed it a little later he was astounded with the razor sharp line it had left behind. 
With such impressive tack and a precision finish, Jack hailed the new brightly coloured tape “yellow gold”, he was a convert.

Spreading the word

Around six months after making the switch to Q1, Jack attended the grand opening of the PaintTech Training Academy; the brainchild of his good friends and trusted industry colleagues, Ian Crump and Pete Wilkinson.
Helping the PaintTech team to prepare the academy floor with temporary Correx boards, Jack spotted the ideal opportunity to introduce his colleagues to the performance benefits of Q1.

Jack comments:
“We used the Q1 multi-purpose two-inch tape to keep the Correx in the right place, taping the boards together and taping them to the floor too. Then we used the one-inch tape with masking paper to protect the exposed areas around the Correx.

“The Correx was part of the first ever ‘Introduction to Spraying’ course so the Q1 tape was sprayed over. Just like me, the PaintTech team were impressed with the adhesion of the Q1 tape, which hadn’t curled like other tapes of a much higher price point.
I had some extra rolls of tape in my van so I divided it up between the managers of the academy who didn’t take any convincing to take the tape for their own use.”

Not looking back

Jack now runs a variety of PaintTech courses at the academy’s Exeter branch, where he stresses the many benefits of his yellow gold Q1 tape to course attendees. They get to try it for themselves during the course and opinions are always positive.

Jack concludes:
“Q1 is the only tape I trust now to give me that next level finish that I know customers will love. It performs exactly how I want and I am yet to find an obstacle that it cannot overcome on both indoor and outdoor projects. Q1 is an established brand in the automotive repair industry but their name is still growing in the painting industry. I have no doubt though, that with such a premium product at a competitive price, they will rapidly become market leaders.”

Are you ready to switch to Q1?

Want to try Q1 for yourself? We are exhibiting at the National Painting and Decorating Show at the Ricoh Arena throughout the 27th and 28th of November. Visit booth 70-71 to discover more and collect your complementary sample box which contains our three popular tape varieties.

The PaintTech academy will also be using our tapes in the exhibition’s Spray Zone. Can’t wait that long? Visit our website to learn more today. Or, to book tickets for the paint show visit

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