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calendar-icon 12 December 2017

Discover how Greg Webb uses Q1 Tapes to gain perfect results

Greg Webb is a professional car painter working at Shorade, a prestigious car accident repair center in the UK. Gregg chose Q1® Tapes as the perfect solution to increase performance, convenience and profitability in his daily job. In a collection of flash video interviews, he shares the reasons that brought him to convert to the sun yellow of Q1® Premium Masking Solutions.

Excellent conformability with precise hold

Conformability, excellent hold, easy tear: masking tape application has never been more effective. The thin structure of Q1® Premium Masking Tape doesn’t compromise its firm hold on any surface and ability to follow tight curves and irregular shapes.

Easy removal without adhesive residue

Glue and adhesive residues have had their day. With Q1® professional masking solutions you can forget the difficult times in which the tape came off the surface leaving stripes of glue. Q1® Premium Masking Tape guarantees clean removal even after long baking cycles in booth.

Instant adhesion and powerful hold

You can try and check yourself: even after long baking cycles, on different surfaces and in combination with other masking products, Q1® Premium Masking Tape never lifts. The tape provides easy and immediate adhesion and keeps its powerful hold throughout the whole masking process.

Sharp and clean paint edges

If you are looking for sharp paint edges you don’t need to buy specialized products: Q1® Premium Masking Tape is a specialized tool itself and yet versatile enough to cover all the needs of car masking. Rely on its crispy sound to gain precise edges with incredibly sharp lines.

Compatible with the most popular paints

Specific tapes for different technologies? No thanks. Q1® Premium Masking Tape is suited to all the technologies used in professional car refinishing. From solvent base to waterborne paints and wet sanding, Q1® Tape is just the right solution to meet your highest standards.

Q1® Premium Trim Masking Tape

Problems with rubber trim moldings when masking? Q1® Premium Trim Masking Tape is the perfect solution to mask around windscreenstaillights and sunroofs in the easiest way. Thanks to a thin plastic band, its precut stripes fit around the contours with no need of scissors or cutters to cut them at the desired size.

Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape

When doing small or cheap repairs you can benefit from Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape in protecting doorjambsbonnetsA-posts and apertures form overspray. The Tape is made with a foamy material that conforms and fits into the gaps leaving no leaks for the paint to filter through.

Q1® Premium Protective Film

Just the perfect masking filmQ1® Premium Protective Film is versatile, strong, rip-resistant and prevents bleed through with any type of paint. Thanks to corona treatment, it perfectly clings to the vehicle and retains overspray without leaving any mark on the surface underneath.

Q1® Premium Masking Drop Film

Looking for a quick and easy tool for spot repairs? Q1® Premium Masking Drop Film comes with a stripe of Premium Masking Tape already attached to its edge, so to speed up masking procedures. Drop Film is resistant, versatile and yet inexpensive. Automotive masking has never been easier.

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