Using trim masking tape while painting cars

calendar-icon 31 January 2017

Trim masking tape is a perfect tool to paint car while protecting rubber trim moldings from overspray. In this article we introduce Q1® Premium Trim Masking Tape, an excellent solution for high precision masking applications.

Q1® Premium Trim Masking Tape is a product engineered to ease high precision masking situations such as the protection of door handles, taillights, windscreens and sunroofs.

Thanks to trim masking tape, the removal of moldings for painting is no longer necessary, bringing significant advantages as far as time saving and ease of the job are concerned. To gain the best results, this tape has been designed with some specific features:

  • Easy application behind the moldings: the trim masking tape by Q1® presents a flexible plastic strip on one edge that lets the tape slip easily behind the moldings. The other edge is free to stick out from the molding and be applied on the surface to be covered. Thanks to this expedient, the molding is perfectly covered and protected from paint bridging, one of the most common problems in car masking.
  • Quick trimming of the tape: Q1® Trim Masking Tape is pre-perforated every 38 mm, providing pre-trimmed stripes for an easy tear off. No more scissors and other cutting tools to prepare the tape for thin applications: thanks to this special trim masking tape, the job has never been quicker!
  • Extreme flexibility: this trim masking tape pairs its own flexibility, that makes it able to follow contours and tight curves with ease, with the advantages of the pre-trimmed stripes, that make lifting and tearing of the tape no more necessary to conform to irregular surfaces. The result is a tape incredibly suitable for high precision masking applications, in any area of the vehicle.
  • Resistance to moisture and solvents: this quality lets Q1® Trim Masking Tape adapt to the most used paints in the field, as required from the best car masking tapes on the market.
  • High temperature resistance: obviously, a masking tape for automotive painting should guarantee a perfect resistance to the temperature required for paint drying. Q1® Trim Masking Tape boasts a resistance up to 110° for half an hour and up to 90° for an hour.

Q1® Trim Masking tape is available in the sun yellow colour, a shade that makes easy to identify the edges of the treated areas.

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