Three Masking Products You Need for a Perfect Job!

calendar-icon 07 March 2017

Automotive professionals are keenly aware of the integral role that masking tape plays in the outcome of a good paint job. But not everyone knows what the market offers for specific applications such as rubber trim masking and jambs protection. Here is a brief guide on how to tape a car for painting using the right product for every surface.


#1 Automotive Masking Tape

Let’s start with the basics. For most surfaces, the perfect masking product is a regular automotive masking tape, that you can use to protect wide and narrow surfaces. To tape a car for painting with this product, just proceed with the following steps:

  • To mask off wide areas: apply the tape in combination with masking paper or masking film. This procedure involves tape on tape applications.
  • To protect narrow surfaces, you can apply the tape directly on the car, using it alone. Take a look at the picture below, showing a typical example of direct application of masking tape:

You must thoroughly clean and dry the areas where you plan to apply the tape, and make sure they are free from dust. If you are drying the paint in a booth cabin, choose a high temperature resistant tape.


#2 Trim Masking Tape

Trim masking tape features a short plastic band on one edge, designed to ease its application inside the thin grooves of rubber trim moldings. If you have to mask off head and taillights, sunroofs and windscreens, trim masking tape is an ideal choice. 


#3 Foam Masking Tape

We are at the final step of our guide on how to tape a car for painting: protecting door jambs, bonnet gaps and A-posts from overspray and paint bridging. Applying regular masking tape in these areas is not recommended. The best solution is to use a special foam masking tape. This product perfectly fits the grooves and apertures preventing the paint from bleeding through. Its application is easy and swift, as shown in the below image:

This product line is highly conformable and easily adheres with a simple touch. It perfectly fills the gaps, leaving no leaks for the paint to filter through.

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