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Shorade: an inspiring success story!

calendar-icon 10 July 2017

Q1® Premium Masking Solutions to save cost and improve performance

As a business owner, we are all faced with challenges and the time constraints on the job, and ultimately, to save cost and improve performance. The Q1® Premium product range provides Shorade with performance and value: Q1® covers this all!

Shorade is a prestigious accident repair center that for more than 40 years has been pursuing excellence and perfection, committing in exceeding its customers expectation. According to its vision, Shorade recently converted to Q1® Premium Masking Solutions, looking for a product range that could guarantee the top level results required by the greatest cars in the world.

We talked about all of that with Steve Shore, Shorade owner and managing director.

Shorade is renowned for being one of the most prestigious repair centers in the UK, with specialized expertise in the repair of some of the greatest cars in the world. How did you become what you are today?

“Shorade has always been committed to quality and perfection. Our current profile developed since 2004, when we changed our business model as vehicle complexity became more and more challenging: working with a selected group of manufacturers such as Porsche we gained access to specialist tools and specialist training directly from the manufacturer. Then, in 2010 we changed again by working close with Lamborghini, McLaren and Rolls Royce on aluminum and carbon fiber; more recently in the past twelve months we worked with Tesla on electric vehicles."

How does your high level of specialization affect the processes and products you use?

“Working on some of the world’s greatest cars it’s important that the products and processes we use emulate the quality of the manufacturers we work with. Such an example would be Lamborghini, with their multi coat pearlescence and their max finish effect paints; a lot of these cars need multiple bake processes and cycles, so it is important that the products we use such as the masking materials have the longevity to last during those cycles.”

Speaking about masking needs, how did you choose Q1® Premium Masking Solutions for your business?

“As a business owner, we are all faced with challenges and the time constraints on the job, and ultimately, to save cost and improve performance. We constantly look at innovation, on ways at applying simple solutions to complicated processes. Critical parts of the refinish process is the masking; we’ve worked closely with one of Europe’s largest masking tape producers, with more than 25 years’ experience in masking tape production, to develop their Premium product range Q1®. The simplified core product range is not only cost effective, but also exceeds the performance of previous product we’ve used from all the suppliers.”

What did Q1® range add to your daily activity?

“The Q1 Premium product range provides Shorade with performance and value: Q1® covers this all. We are committed to the Q1® Premium product range because of the benefits that it brings to my business through a simplified product range and the cost savings available to the business. Not only because of the reduced cost for the product, but also about the time saved by using the products; and it’s also a great alternative to previous products we used.” 

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