Q1® Masking Tape and Masking Solutions about to be launched in the US

calendar-icon 05 May 2017

PPM Industries has named National Oak Distributors as the exclusive distribution partner for the proprietary brand Q1® Premium Masking Solutions in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.

National Oak is the largest automotive aftermarket distributor in the US. The company has distribution centers throughout the US and offers next day delivery to its customers through its advanced logistical solutions.

Developed with a passion for automobiles, the Q1® brand is a high performance masking solution perfect for the automotive aftermarket industry. The Q1® brand launched last year in the U.K. and has quickly gained popularity in body shops across the country. “We began introducing Q1® to some of the most prestigious body shops in the U.K. and we were pleasantly surprised by the positive response and acceptance”, explains Matteo Pellegrini, Director of Global Business Development at PPM Industries. “Within a short-time, some of the most prestigious shops, working on the most prestigious automobiles in the world, requiring the highest repair standards, converted to Q1®.”

Q1® tape has quickly proved to be a great masking solution for both jobbers and shops for its outstanding performance and economical value. Using this masking tape, body shops save money without sacrificing performance.

Q1® masking tape was designed through PPM’s extensive knowledge of high performance tapes and has qualities specifically required by demanding body shops. The tape structure has been engineered to deliver fine paint lines along the edge of the tape, thus limiting re-work. This quality also adds the additional benefit of easy tear, giving the shop tech better control while masking. The low-tack design will not leave a residue upon removal, even after baking cycles in the paint booth due to its high temperature qualities. The masking tape performs on both solvent-based and water-borne paints and conforms well around curved surfaces.

“Finally, there is a masking tape available to Jobbers that will save the body shop money without sacrificing performance”, states Chuck Van Slaars, COO of National Oak Distributors. “Jobbers have the capability to increase sales profitably, while offering a compelling cost-saving masking solution to their customers at the shop level.”

Q1®tape will be the nucleus of a basket of masking products included in the initial launch. Rounding out the Q1® basket include products such as: foam masking tape, trim masking tape, drop film, and protective film.

Q1® Masking Solutions compliments National Oak’s broad automotive aftermarket line of products for the body shop and brings a great high performance masking tape and masking products at value prices. The Q1® brand will be offered only through National Oak distributors and Jobbers in the upcoming months.

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