We introduce you our brand new High performance masking tape

calendar-icon 30 September 2020

We are excited to introduce you our brand new creation of our automotive range: Q1® High Performance Masking Tape, specifically designed for demanding applications requiring water and UV resistance. What’s new about it?

High performance masking tapeThe first unusual feature you can see is the colour: this time we decided to “go green”, for a higher visibility during masking operations. Of course, it’s not the only change we made. The new high-quality rubber derived adhesive formula provides a class-leading secure bond on multiple surfaces preventing lifting or overspray. It also allows a better bonding for an improved painting process performance on any kind of vehicle. Pretty cool, right? But it doesn’t stop here.

The technical features of our new Q1® High performance masking tape


Special water resistance backing

masking tapeYour high performance masking tape will be there, even in your “rainy days”. The first thing we thought was “High performance means, first, high water resistance”. That’s why this new product is specifically designed for water based paint systems and wet sanding applications, making it stick properly even in wet conditions. It has a strong holding power, but we don’t want you to scrap and scrub glue all day long. The tape is easy to remove without leaving residues, just like the other Q1® tapes.

Three days UV resistance

Perfect for water, even better with “sunlight”. This new high performance masking tape has a special UV treatment, making it ideal for projects where UV resistance is required. But don’t use it to do some arts and crafts on your bathing suit, just stick it to the cars you need to paint.

Flexible backing

It’s a tape who loves curves. *wink* This crepe paper masking tape conforms well to curved and irregular surfaces, thanks to its high conformability. It has great performances on any kind of surface: plastic, glass, metal, paint or anything you need. Its low-profile, conformable backing resists breaking for faster and more consistent masking, leaving nice and smooth paint edges.

Higher resistance to high temperature

Take this high performance masking tape with you, even through the fire and flames. Our new high performance masking tape can withstand temperature up to 230°F (110°C) for as long as 30 minutes without any adhesive residue. The perfect masking tool to use when the situation gets really hot.


Take this high performance masking tape in your body shop right now!

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