Introducing the latest Q1® Premium refinish product: the Foam Masking Tape

calendar-icon 26 April 2017

Foam masking tape is an innovative automotive refinish product that guarantees many advantages when used in particular applications. Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape is designed to mask gaps and apertures quickly and accurately, saving time and increasing profitability. Curious to know more?

Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape features a long series of qualities that make it the ultimate solution to protect grooved car body surfaces and gaps from paint leaking. The product finds its main application to mask off and seal door jambs, boot and bonnet apertures, A-posts. Let’s see how it works.


A special structure

Foam masking tape has a special polyurethane foam structure that makes it soft and malleable. The product can easily fit into grooves and jambs, where it adheres with a simple touch filling any gap and sealing off the aperture completely. Its porous structure is highly absorbent and prevents any leaking of paint. Due to its high conformability, foam masking tape can be shaped to follow the most irregular contours. As a result, the application area is protected against paint bridging and overspray.


Ease of use

Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape is provided in a box dispenser with easy roll release. You can trim the product at the desired length and apply it to the area to mask. Compared to regular masking tape, that must be rolled and stuck into the gaps, foam masking tape is much faster and easier to use, designed to guarantee a clean result with quick application. In addition, Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape leaves no residue upon removal.


High temperature and solvent resistance

Like all the range of Q1® professional products for car refinishing, foam masking tape is engineered to resist the temperature required during paint drying cycles in spray booths. Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape can resist up to 176°F/80°C. Due to its solvent and water resistance, the tape is also compatible with the most used types of paint in the automotive refinish sector


How to use foam masking tape

For best results, apply foam masking tape at room temperature. You just have to unreel it from the box and trim it. Make sure to stick on the surface to mask the adhesive side of the tape, leaving only the foam part of the product exposed. To ensure good adhesion, apply a soft pressure with fingers. The job is done! For a more detailed guide, you can read the article on how to use foam masking tape.

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