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calendar-icon 10 October 2018

When it comes to automotive paint refinishing, delivering a top-quality paint job whilst maintaining the momentum of a busy paint shop is a real balancing act. productivity is an important consideration for overall profitability, especially when trying to meet the demands of time-poor customers.

Industry experts believe that the key to improving paint booth productivity lies in the preparation stages, with forward-thinking businesses switching in favour of the latest innovations in automotive paint refinishing products, like Q1’s range of clear masking films.

Paper - the traditional choice

Preparing a car for refinishing using paper products has long been a popular choice for many paint booth managers, because it offers consistent results at a cost-effective OPEX price point.

But, like all areas of materials science, the evolution of automotive paint refinishing products like clear masking film has created a suite of product innovations for workshop owners wanting to improve speed and paint shop productivity.

The benefits of plastic refinishing products

Clear masking films like the Q1® Premium Protective Film and the Q1® Premium Masking Drop Film are designed to make car preparation quick and simple, reducing additional taping and allowing operatives to fashion wheel covers and other protections in an instant.

Unlike conventional paper alternatives, clear masking films are electrostatically charged so that the product clings to the car body, resulting in highly accurate protection of body panels, even on larger vehicles like vans or SUVs. Resistant to high temperatures, and dispensed from an easy release roll, Q1’s range of premium films come in large format or taped edge options for large paint work refinishing or small repairs.

Does paint flake off plastic refinishing products?

Flaking, dripping and paint transfer are key areas of concern for a busy paint shop and many painters believe that plastic protective products cause these issues. This is simply not true for premium products.

Have you heard of Corona Treatment?

It’s a manufacturing process which uses a high frequency discharge to permanently improve the adhesive properties of a plastic substrate. Without it, or with a poorly applied Corona Treatment, plastic refinishing protection products are unable to absorb paint mist and spray, leaving you susceptible to flaking, dripping and paint transfer.

Quality Corona Treatment is a key part of product design and production for market-leading clear masking films, like those found in the Q1 range. With the external side completely treated, the film is capable of completely absorbing mist and surplus paint spray, which means you can work freely, safe in the knowledge that the quality of your refinishing won’t be compromised.

Product Focus

Are you tempted to try clear masking film instead of traditional paper to speed up paint shop productivity? Here’s a quick guide to the products you need:

Q1®Premium Protective Film for large refinishing jobs

Made from high-quality HDPE, this protective sheet is Corona Treated and benefits from carefully selected polymer additives which further improve the absorption properties of the film. Capable of absorbing the solvent and waterborne paints which are common place in the automotive paint refinishing sector, it has central printing for accurate and fast film alignment.

Ideal for large refinishing jobs, our Premium Protective Film is statically charged for easy masking with performance and no bleed-through guaranteed in temperatures up to 110°C. It is dispensed from an easy to release roll and affords the quick movement of vehicles around the workshop thanks to its translucent shade.

Q1® Premium Masking Drop Film for smaller repairs

Just like our larger format clear masking film, this market-leading drop film is produced from a high-quality HDPE and has an electrostatic charge so that it clings to the vehicle for fast application. It has a temperature resistance up to 90°C for one hour and offers quick and easy product removal to reveal a clean surface with no residue.

With masking tape already attached down one side, masking off areas of any vehicle is far quicker compared to using traditional paper and tape methods. Available in three different sizes; 60cm, 120cm and 180cm, in 24 roll cases, our Premium Masking Drop Film offers a cost effective solution for paint shop managers wanting to move in favour of market-leading paint protection products which can help deliver tangible time efficiencies inside their booth.


  • Paper paint protection products remain a popular choice for price-conscious paint shop owners, but plastic clear masking films offer undeniable productivity benefits.
  • High-quality clear masking films are Corona Treated which means they absorb mist and surplus paint spray, preventing flaking, dripping and unwanted paint transfer.
  • Plastic clear masking films are electrostatically charged so they cling to the vehicle for accurate and fast paint shop preparation.
  • Plastic preparation products for the automotive refinishing sector minimise the need for additional taping and allow operatives to quickly fashion wheel covers and other protections with no need for additional materials
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