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Damage Undone: Speed and quality of repair made easier with Q1

calendar-icon 19 November 2018

Q1® Premium Masking Solutions to offer high-quality and rapid repairs

“Delivering the best quality repair means finding a masking solution which is easy to sweep around bumper contours of bumper swage lines – if that product is bright yellow, even better! It makes it much easier to see if there are any discrepancies in paint coverage."

Wayne Beardmore

Specialists in small to medium sized, localised crash and paintwork repairs, Damage Undone, offers a S.M.A.R.T solution to customers looking for high-quality, rapid repairs for their damaged vehicles. A family business with over 35 years’ experience, Damage Undone continuously moves in favour of innovative products and process accessories which improve repair quality and save them, and their customers, time. Once such product is Q1’s range of premium masking solutions for the automotive repair sector.


Damage Undone offers customers a quality repair at speed, which is a compelling offer for any automotive repair business, is this always the model you had in mind for your business?

“Eighteen years ago, when I set up Damage Undone people relied less on their cars and were in less of a hurry. These days we all live much faster lives and cannot be without transport. It’s vital to move in line with the challenges your customer’s face on a daily basis, so I knew we needed to offer a rapid, high-quality repair service.

There is a fine line between doing something well and doing it quickly, and I am always conscious of maintaining the balance between convenience and quality. Any products or processes that we can adopt to improve both of those goals keep our customers happy and make our repair shop more profitable.

When it comes to quality finishes, I have a real eye for detail. I know what works and what doesn’t and any new products need to meet my exacting standards before we make a permanent switch."

What are the technical differences between Q1 and your previous masking products?

“The main difference was clear right from the off. Q1’s one inch tape is so easy to sweep around wheel arch contours and bumper swage lines, which are two key areas for localised repairs. This is a real plus and saves time on the job.

These new tapes are easy to remove. They leave no residue and offer complete peace of mind that the paint repair work will not be affeccted by the tape removal.

One suprising benefit of the Q1 tapes was the bright colour which contrasts with almost all car bodywork. It really helps us to quickly identify any small areas which required a little more paint, almost like a final quality check before moving onto the next stage.

The price is competitive too, so all in all, the Q1 tapes are a great buy for any rapid repair workshop trying to strike that balance between time and quality finish.” 

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