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Car Cosmetics: faultless bodywork repairs with Q1® products

calendar-icon 10 July 2019

‘Like it was never there’ repairs, with Q1® automotive masking


“When customers collect their cars, they often tell me it was like the damage was never there, and that’s the biggest compliment I can receive. I achieve those results through skill, passion and using the right tools, paints and consumables such as premium quality masking products from Q1®.”

Jamie Lunn, Owner of Car Cosmetics

As an independent body shop specialising in SMART repairs and detailing, Auto Cosmetics in Guildford offers a range of bodywork repairs and high-end paint correction and protection services. Offering competitively priced services across all makes and models, owner Jamie Lunn often completes faultless work on cars which insurance companies want to write off. The secret to his success, he claims, is a combination of skill and experience, alongside premium quality tools, paints and masking products. Since trying Q1®, Jamie’s productivity has improved and so has the finish he can deliver.


How did you first hear about Q1® and what were your initial impressions?

“A friend of mine talked about Q1® and was enjoying using it. I am always keen to try new products, especially if someone in the industry recommends them, so I purchased a few boxes.

It didn’t take long for me to see that the quality of the products meant they performed exceptionally well compared to my previous brands. Within a couple of months of continuous use, there was no reason at all for me to switch back to using other tapes."


Which is your favourite Q1® product and why?

"For me, the Q1® product which has made the biggest difference is the foam masking tape, which is already saving me time and money. It’s especially great when taping up doors, which now takes just two minutes. k

It works really well when doing fine detailing because it stops compound getting inside the doors and keeps a nice tidy edge when working across panels. It’s clean and tidy too, once I’ve cleaned the inside of the vehicle, I remove the foam tape, give it one wipe and it’s done. This, again, saves time.”


Can you summarise the benefits?

"When a product saves you time, that translates to two things; happy customers and a better profit margin. I am now working faster but maintaining the high standards my customers expect. I can turn projects around quicker, which means I can accept more work. What further benefits can you ask for from a consumable product?"


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