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Bodytech: zero-failure rate using Q1® tapes

calendar-icon 16 July 2019

Zero failure rate with Q1® at Bodytech Accident Repair Centre

“We’ve trialled many masking tapes from many different price brackets and each one has its flaws. That isn’t the case with Q1®, which sticks to itself better than any other tape we’ve tried. It adheres neatly, performs with outstanding precision and removes with absolutely no residue. We’ve had a zero failure rate so far.”

Shaun Carver, Bodytech Accident Repair Centre

Bodytech Accident Repair Centre has been specialising in manufacturer-grade repairs for over 25 years. Employing only highly-skilled technicians, they offer a range of bespoke custom paint solutions for modified cars alongside a traditional range of services, including SMART repairs, end of lease refurbishments and accident and crash repair.


Have you tried many masking tapes? What has been your experience so far?

We pride ourselves on a quality job, every time, and in order to achieve that it’s vital that we use performance-engineered products such as masking tapes and accessories.

In order to ensure that we are always using the best available, we keep a close eye on the market and always try new brands or range extensions when they become available. For tapes in particular, we have always found that no matter which price bracket you try, every tape has a downfall.

That trend stopped however, when we tried Q1®.


What has been your experience since switching to Q1®?

Compared to a multitude of other tapes that we have tried over the years, Q1® has no downfalls. It performs with precision, is easy to apply and gives a clean, residue-free removal every time.

Most impressive is its ability to stick to itself, which many tapes cannot do – this is really important in the automotive refurbishment market, especially on modified vehicles where often you need to mask intricate areas or unusual shapes.

Since switching to Q1® tapes we have increased our use to include their papers and films too and each product performs to a premium standard at a price point which makes the entire range highly competitive. We have no reason to carry on trying other tapes.

For more information on the full range of tapes, papers and films designed specifically for the automotive refinishing market, click here

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