What is the best Q1® car paint protection film to use when spray painting?

calendar-icon 27 April 2020

Car body masking solutions are key products for masking any vehicle with neat professional results. We always suggest body shop owners and car restoration buffs to keep a wide supply of paint protection films in stock. This way, you can always be sure of having the right materials for the job, helping you to work faster and more efficiently.

Q1®’s car protection film range


protective filmQ1® Premium Protective Film

This car paint protection film has an excellent paint adhesion, due to its electrostatic property.
It clings well to any vehicle and has centered printing to help with alignment.

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Q1® Premium Masking Drop Film

Q1® Premium Masking Drop FilmSimilar to the Protective Film, this car paint protection film is also pre-taped with Q1 tape, for a faster application.
The film is easy to remove and leaves clean surfaces with no residue.


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Main features of car paint protection films


  • Maximum adhesion of paint: Corona treatment allows the film to attract and retain paint overspray during booth painting. Forget the paint slipping downward and dropping on the floor. The film will hold back the paint and ensure a clean job;
  • Translucent material: Car paint protection film is made of transparent polyethylene designed to ease the movement of vehicles during painting operations;
  • High resistance: The special high density composition of the material makes it tear resistant;
  • Excellent adhesion: During the production process, car paint protection film is electrically charged in order to acquire electrostatic properties, which allow it to cling easily to the vehicle and adhere steadily to the surface;
  • High temperature resistance:Engineered to resist up to 110°C/230°F, withstanding the temperature required in body shop spray booth painting;
  • Solvent Resistance: The chemical structure of the HDPE used in car paint protection film is resistant to the solvent used in many of the paints for automotive refinishing.

car protection film

Covering a Jeep with Q1 masking film before a Raptor respray (see the whole video here) 

Or an alternative: Q1® Premium Masking Paper

Q1® Premium Masking PaperWhat if you need extra safety? Choose masking paper, thicker and heavier than the classical automotive masking film.

Q1® automotive masking paper boasts good penetration resistance preventing the paint from filtering through and staining the surface of the vehicle. The paper is ideal to protect wide areas where a product stronger than masking film is required, and is recommended to eliminate rework caused by fibre contamination in paint job.

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