Automotive, foam and sponge: car painting applications

calendar-icon 08 February 2023

Foam and sponge are versatile materials used to satisfy a multitude of automotive applications. From suppressing noises and rattles to air management seals, their cut parts are critical components in today’s fuel-efficient and lightweight vehicles. But foam and sponge are also essential materials in car painting: to protect grooved parts from paint splatters and to smooth out the surfaces during hand sanding, respectively.

Foam masking tape: the perfect ally in car painting

Foam masking tape

Foam masking tape is a circular stripe of polyurethane that fits easily each gap of a vehicle body thanks to its porous structure. Particularly appreciated among car painting professionals for its many advantages, foam masking tape allows you to optimize your time and achieve excellent results at the same time. This type of tape is designed to guarantee excellent results in masking jambs, preventing the building up of paint bridges with a quick and easy application. Among its advantages, the excellent resistance to water and a better resistance to oils, acids waterborne and solvent base paints. Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape is the ideal choice to protect door edges and crevices from overspray ensuring a smooth edge and shortening turnaround times. Specifically designed for masking vehicle access points is Q1® Performance Foam Tape. Simple to use, thanks to its special acrylic adhesive formula in the centre of the sponge, it does not absorb the clear coat pulverisation when applied between doors. An advanced solution for professionals looking for high-standard results.


Sanding sponge: how to bring comfort in sanding experience

sanding sponge

Sanding sponges are flexible pads with integrated grit. They are the ideal choice when you need a comfortable solution during manual sanding. Unlike sandpaper, sanding sponge is easy to handle, offering increased grip, decreased clogging and even pressure. If you need an innovative sanding sponge, discover Q1® Double Sided Sanding Sponges. Ideal for machining high-strength materials thanks to the aluminium oxide grit, Q1 sanding sponge has a coated pad on both sides which allows the use on wet or dry. An innovative abrasive formula that combines 3 different grifts for a smoother abrasion and a saving of time, since you can use only one pad for the entire sanding process. Q1 Sanding sponges have three different colours according to the grade of abrasion:

  • Brown-coloured pad FINE is ideal for preparing surfaces for primer and paint adhesion thanks to its scuffing properties.
  • Green-coloured pad SUPER FINE is ideal for preparing surfaces for paint and blending.
  • Violet-coloured Pad MICROFINE is thought for final blending/fading out preparation where a fine grit is required.

Flawless results and high performances: discover Q1 automotive masking tape line.

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