Double Sided Sanding Sponge Micro Fine Top Double Sided Sanding Sponge Micro Fine Top

Q1® Double Sided Sanding Sponges – MICRO FINE

Long lasting, easy to use. Simply perfect

Q1® Double Sided Sanding Sponges are cutting-edge technology products, offering an innovative working experience during manual sanding. Thanks to new system technology, the pad is coated both sided and could be used on wet or dry.

The innovative abrasive formula combines 3 different grifts, allowing a smoother abrasion and making you save time, since you can use only one pad for the entire sanding process.

Q1® Sanding sponges have three different colours according to the grade of abrasion which makes them easily distinguishable during the sanding process.

Violet-coloured Pad MICROFINE is thought for final blending/fading out preparation where a fine grit is required.

Features & benefits
  • Cutting edge technology for an innovative working experience during manual sanding
  • A special grits formula that allows a longer lasting
  • A smoother abrasion that avoids high deterioration
  • A 13mm foam sponge that guarantees perfect adaptation to the hand and to the surface
  • 3 grades 3 colors for an easy usage
  • Designed for hard-to-reach areas, curved surfaces or corners
  • Aluminium oxide grit, ideal for machining high-strength materials
Product reference
Part# Size Pcs/Case
DSS_V 98mm x 120mm x 13mm 50 pads/ box
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